People with Disabilities Enjoying Tours at Trans Studio

  • People with Disabilities Enjoying Tours at Trans Studio
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Writer :
Humas BRSPDF "Wirajaya" Makasar
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana/Aryokta Ismawan

MAKASSAR (September 22, 2019) - The "Wirajaya" Physical Disability (BRSPDF) Social Rehabilitation Center in Makassar invites 42 people with physical disabilities to enjoy tourism activities. This time the location chosen as a tourist venue is Trans Studio Theme Park Makassar.


These activities are part of a psychosocial therapy program provided for persons with disabilities who receive further social rehabilitation services in the center.


In this activity, service recipients can enjoy a variety of game rides that are indeed prepared by the committee. This tour also provides an opportunity for them to enjoy various games that are deliberately done to train concentration and to become a place to play as part of social therapy, especially efforts to neutralize (normalize) emotions.


"There are various games we have prepared. We hope that the game vehicle can become a container that can refresh and normalize the emotions of service recipients," said the Head of BRSPDF "Wirajaya" in Makassar, Syaiful Samad when giving directions before entering the Theme Park area.


In front of the service recipients, Syaiful Samad welcomed this activity. He believes that this activity is an event to refresh the psychic of persons with disabilities, as well as a good momentum for them to learn to mingle and interact directly with the community.


"In the future, similar activities must be more solid with various types of games that can bring joy and enthusiasm to life so that they can survive and liven up their confidence," hoped Syaiful.


Syaiful also revealed that one of the important things that needs to be paid attention to for children with disabilities is how to raise the enthusiasm and confidence. Therefore, Syaiful considers this activity to be very important.


"As much as life skills training is given, but if he has no confidence it will be in vain," said Syaiful.

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