"Phalamartha" Center in Sukabumi Commemorates World Mental Health Day

"Phalamartha" Center in Sukabumi Commemorates World Mental Health Day
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Humas Sentra "Phalamartha" di Sukabumi
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

SUKABUMI (October 04, 2022) — Phala Martha Center Sukabumi as the technical implementing unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs participated in celebrating World Mental Health Day (HKJS) with the theme 'Recover Together with a Healthy Mentally Generation'. The place chosen as the location for the implementation of this activity is LKS Aura Welas Asih in Palabuhan Ratu District, Sukabumi Regency.


There are seven series of activities carried out, namely the delivery of ATENSI assistance, population data recording, physical health checks, Covid-19 vaccination, reunification, stocks-free activities, and social campaigns.


ATENSI assistance for fulfilling a decent life was given to 50 PPKS (Social Welfare Service Recipients) in LKS Aura Welas Asih. In addition, entrepreneurship assistance for grocery stalls was also provided to PPKS on behalf of Jemi who would be reunified with his family in Cisaat Village, Citarik Sub District, Pelabuhan Ratu District, Sukabumi Regency.


Health checks and population data recording were given to 71 PPKS in collaboration with the Population and Civil Registration Office and the Sukabumi Regency Health Office.


Cup Santo, the Head of Phala Martha Center Sukabumi in his speech expressed his great hope to optimize the active role of the family in restoring mental health for persons with mental disabilities. He also said that persons with mental disabilities can recover, and the family plays an important role to heal them.


Reny, a representative from LKS Aura Welas Asih said that “I hope that LKS can be paid more attention by the local government, especially in providing social assistance for PPKS”.


She also thanks to Phala Martha Center Sukabumi for showing concern for PPKS with mental disabilities at LKS Aura Welas Asih.


Jimi, as a PPKS who received entrepreneurship assistance also said that he was grateful for the assistance given to him. He also hopes that his business will run smoothly and sustainably to meet his needs.
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