PKH Flows On, Lights Up

PKH Flows On, Lights Up
Writer :
Herman Susilo
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

For me, the Family Hope Program (PKH) is the beautiful destiny of Indonesia. Not because I have ever studied and worked on it, but indeed the design of this national priority program is flowing and lighting up.

PKH flows by weighing social assistance to remote corners of Indonesia. Through PKH, the rupiah is not allowed to circulate only in the capital. It was "forced" to rush through the narrow alleys of urban alleys, examine the dense settlements, the vastness of the countryside, the length of rivers, the breadth of the ocean, lakes, mountains, valleys, forests, and even borders. The flow of social assistance reduces the burden of living and increases the income of Beneficiary Families (KPM) while reducing social inequality at the same time.

If PKH was a power plant, then its human resources - from the center to the regions - such as substations, networks, and cables would be
high-quality. It is lit to bring light to the homes of the beneficiaries, dispel the darkness of life, and spark enthusiasm for access to health, education, and social welfare. Its network promotes behavior change, builds social capital in the form of trust, network, and values ​​change, and increases participation capacity to 'break through' graduation from adversity.

It is not surprising that today there is a generation of hope that was born from the womb of PKH. How many entrepreneurs, consultants, central and regional government employees, legislators, soldiers, international Olympic champions, educators, religious leaders, teaching doctors at well-known universities, and various other strategic professions are PKH KPM children and also former PKH HR? This is proof that PKH does not just provide social assistance, but also ignites the quality of human life.


PKH is not a newly made program that easily tempts the perpetrators. It is proven to be agile like a flood capable of turning turbines of utility. The Ministry of Social captains have changed seven times to date, all of them "fell in love" to take PKH on the ship to perfection in their own way.

In fact, in the poverty alleviation orchestra in Indonesia, PKH is often lined up as the conductor, arranging performances through gestures to produce incomparable harmony. Inclusively, PKH contains magnets. I was a witness when the 2014 PKH "was on the edge" where its survival was at stake, in fact, support from various parties flowed profusely wanting this program to continue.

At this point, I want to kiss the hands of the founding fathers for creating a program as great as PKH. Salim! And to their successors, both those who are still in charge of the program, and those who have progressed in various fields, but still support the interests of PKH. Greetings reverence!

So, there is no separate word from PKH because of the contribution, not only when wearing the uniform, but how big the defense is against it, that's how history speaks.

Lastly, I would like to quote a piece of the lyrics composed by Tulus in his song, Monokrom,
"Wherever you are, I thanked you, for the colors in my life and the many beautiful memories, you painted me."

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