Poltekesos Strengthens Community Capacity to Manage Local Resources and Potential

Poltekesos Strengthens Community Capacity to Manage Local Resources and Potential
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WEST BEKASI (June 9, 2023) - Social Welfare Polytechnic (Poltekesos) Bandung has carried out Regular Community Service Activities for the Social Entrepreneurship Service Unit in Kertarahayu Village, Setu District, West Bekasi Regency on Thursday (09/06).  This activity aims to support the development of the Kertarahayu Tourism Village.  The activity implementation team consists of Drs.  Hartono Laras, M.Si, Wiwit Widiansyah, M.Si, M. Syafi'i Nasution, MP, Drs.  Ujang Muhyidin, M.Pd, Nike Vonika, M. Social Affairs and involving Poltekesos Bandung student M. Rizki Ramadhan.  They provided capacity building for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Kertarahayu Village, Setu District, West Bekasi Regency.

The event began with Poltekesos Bandung, PT Cikarang Listrindo, and local government agencies planting trees in the Kertarahayu Tourism Village area in commemoration of World Environment Day.  This village has been designated as a Tourism Village which has the potential to advance the village, improve people's lives, and maintain environmental sustainability.

Apart from that, Kertarahayu Tourism Village has a strategic location and its uniqueness.  Since 2020, this village has been recognized as a tourist attraction that attracts particular interest, such as water recreation, animal and flora parks, and a place for crafts (Kamasan).  In developing the Kertarahayu Tourism Village, Poltekesos Bandung focuses on strengthening community capacity in managing local resources and potential.  The main goal is to build an independent village with strong economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Tourism Village Development is a village innovation that encourages the creation of sustainable social products.  To achieve an effective, efficient, competitive, and sustainable tourism village market in advancing community welfare, activities and processes are needed that focus on understanding, creativity, communication, and unique and innovative offers to address social problems at the village level.

Before the discussion on the substance of Phase 1 assessment results and the submission of the program plan on community empowerment by the team, as an opening, the delivery of remarks from PT.  Cikarang Listrindo, Ganuardi Pradipta, Community Development Lead, Rudi Catur Pribadi, SE, Head of Kertarahayu Village and Head of the Regular Community Service Team, Hartono Laras.  The activity was guided by M. Syafi'i Nasution, Ganuardi Pradipta, Community Development Lead PT.  Cikarang Listrindo would like to express its thanks to Poltekesos Bandung for carrying out Regular Community Service activities.  "We hope that this collaboration will continue and have a positive impact on the community, especially in Kertarahayu Village.  "I hope that MSME participants will remain enthusiastic in MSME practical training," hoped Ganuardi.

Likewise, Rudi Catur Pribadi, Head of Kertarahayu Village, expressed his gratitude and welcome to Poltekesos Bandung team and PT Cikarang Listrindo team in Kertarahayu Village.  "Thank God, on this occasion, there have been two visits from Poltekesos Bandung team activists to carry out regular community service activities in Kertarahayu Village," said Rudi.  Community members, especially Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), need assistance from competent MSME activists and mobilizers due to the limited human resources capabilities of Kertarahayu Village.  "The large number of female students and lecturers who come to Kertarahayu Village contribute their knowledge, so it is hoped that this can broaden our knowledge in particular and provide increased capacity and progress for the residents of Kertarahayu Village," he added.

Poltekesos Bandung, through its consistency in implementing the three pillars of Higher Education (education, research, and community service) has made this a matter of concern.  Not only on campus but also outside campus, Poltekesos collaborates with strategic partners to educate, train and produce professional social workers.

Graduates from Poltekesos Bandung have various competencies, such as being implementers of social welfare problem interventions, social counselors, social problem analysts, social resource analysts, and community empowerment analysts.  Through collaboration and maximum effort, Poltekesos Bandung actively plays a role in advancing the Kertarahayu Tourism Village and improving the welfare of the community as a whole.

Chair of the Regular Community Service Team, Hartono, revealed that community service is part of the implementation of the three pillars of Higher Education.  One of the locations for implementing community service is Kertarahayu Village, which is a tourist village.  This activity is a series of activities carried out previously at the assessment stage.  This stage sees and photographs the advantages of Kertarahayu Village, which is said to be a Life Support Village and subsequently designated as a Tourism Village.  This is of course specifically supported by commitment from the Village Head and staff, then received support from the company PT Cikarang Listrindo and the Tourism Office.  "And this is part of the contribution from Poltekesos Bandung to carry out tasks related to the three pillars of Higher Education," said Hartono.

Furthermore, not only taking photos but following up with a focus on data obtained in the field regarding weaknesses and strengths to realize social welfare.  "Of course, later what will be conveyed by Poltekesos Bandung will be on the scientific aspect and as the final stage in this regular community service activity, monitoring and evaluation will be carried out.  I hope this activity can continue and is expected to contribute to the progress of Kertarahayu Village," he said.

The event also opened a discussion and question and answer session.  Present at this activity, is the Team from PT.  Cikarang Listrindo, Kertarahayu Village Officials, Community Leaders, MSME actors and activists, the Public Relations and Cooperation Team of Poltekesos, as well as INISA Islamic Religious Institute students Syalahudin Al Ayubi who are currently practicing in Kertarahayu Village, Bekasi Regency.

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