PPKS Assisted by LKS Amanah Bunda Receives Basic Needs Assistance from Pringsewu Regency Government

PPKS Assisted by LKS Amanah Bunda Receives Basic Needs Assistance from Pringsewu Regency Government
Writer :
Humas Pemkab Pringsewu
Editor :
Laili Hariroh
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

LAMPUNG (December 23, 2022) - As a form of attention from the Government and fulfillment of Minimum Service Standards (SPM) in the Social Sector, Acting Regent of Pringsewu Adi Erlansyah handed over 75 assistance of basic needs for the community, consisting of 25 abandoned elderly, 25 people with disabilities and 25 neglected children who were assisted by the Social Welfare Institution (LKS) Amanah Bunda Pringsewu, Thursday (22/12).


Following Government Regulation (PP) Number 2 of 2018 on Minimum Service Standards (SPM), Regional Governments are required to provide basic services to the public. Basic Services (PD) itself is a public service to meet the basic needs of citizens. The type of Basic Services in Provincial and Regency/City consists of Basic Social Rehabilitation for Neglected Persons with Disabilities, Neglected Children, Neglected Elderly, Persons with Social Deviance Issues, and Beggars in the Social Institutions environment. Social Protection and Security during and after the disaster emergency response for Provincial and Regency/City Disaster Victims.


At the time of submission of aid, Acting Regent of Pringsewu Adi Erlansyah accompanied by Titik Puji Lestari Head of Social Office, Hj Kartinah Chairperson of LKS Amanah Bunda and Sub-District Heads of Pringsewu Regency said that the handover of assistance at LKS Amanah Bunda was following the Decree of the Regent of Pringsewu No. B/437/KPTS/D.04/2022 on Recipients of Basic Needs Assistance for the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities, and Neglected Children through Pringsewu Regency APBD allocation for the 2022 Fiscal Year the community can feel the benefits directly.


He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all Social Welfare Institutions, Social Facilitators, and Social Workers in Pringsewu Regency, who have been present so far, have worked hard to help and synergize with Pringsewu Regency Government, and have played an important role in increasing capabilities through the concept of Social Empowerment based on the community for Social Welfare Services Recipient (PPKS) and continue to assist so that PPKS can become more independent, improve their abilities and social functioning.


At the end of the event, Hj Kartinah did not forget to express her gratitude to the Government of Pringsewu Regency for continuously giving attention to Beneficiaries (PM) who have been assisted by LKS all this time, of course, this was very useful, concluded Kartinah.

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