Practice Learning Work PM BRSPDM "Dharma Guna"

Practice Learning Work PM BRSPDM "Dharma Guna"
Writer :
Humas BRSPDM "Dharma Guna" Bengkulu
Editor :
Putri D
Translator :
Yusa Maliki; Karlina Irsalyana

BENGKULU (6 November 2019) - As many as 30 people from the Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS) of the Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Mental Disabilities (BRSPDM) "Dharma Guna" in Bengkulu participated in the Work and Learning Practices (PBK) activities in various business places which have tied up cooperation with BRSPDM " Dharma Guna "in Bengkulu to help provide learning to PPKS or beneficiaries.

PBB is implemented to apply the results of work skills obtained by PM when participating in the Livelihood Therapy program in the center. PM can learn about the company's environmental conditions, such as rules / regulations, company working hours, cooperation to increase their capacity or ability and social responsibility. The PBB is held for 12 working days, starting from 5-20 November 2019.

Dardi, Head of BRSPDM "Dharma Guna" Bengkulu, released and briefed the PM and hoped that the PM could participate in the activities seriously and with discipline, this was useful for increasing knowledge, experience and being independent after social rehabilitation at BRSPDM "Dharma Guna" in Bengkulu.

This PBK activity is held in 7 companies / places of business, including: Carpentry "Setia Furniture", Stone Carpentry / Sanitary "Cahaya Betungan" and Business Blessing Fence Dewa, Fishery "Muara Benih", Making batik besurek "Galeri Berkat's", Agriculture " H. Syahid nursery and horticulture ".

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