Providing Counseling to School, MoSA Cooperates with Polda Metro Jaya

Providing Counseling to School, MoSA Cooperates with Polda Metro Jaya
Writer :
Humas Ditjen Linjamsos
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

Depok (February 24, 2023) - Master School in Depok City, West Java, has a different atmosphere today. It can be seen that the students, who were dominated by elementary school-level students, enthusiastically participated in social counseling activities in one corner of the school. The counseling activity, which was held for the first time at Master School, was initiated by the Ministry of Social Affairs in collaboration with Srikandi Policewomen Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya.


The activity entitled Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) was attended by 100 students. They were given various kinds of training, such as prevention of bullying and sexual violence against children, disaster preparedness in the school environment, and playing together by LDP instructors from PSKBSNA Directorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs.


Coordinator of Social Recovery and Reintegration of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Rosehan Ansyari, revealed that this social counseling activity aims to prevent child delinquency in the school environment. Moreover, many of Master school students are former street children, buskers, and scavengers.


"Yes, we are collaborating with Policewomen from Polda Metro Jaya to provide social counseling in this Master school environment. We provide counseling on preventing acts of sexual violence in children, then there is also bullying prevention, there is also material on disaster preparedness, and so on "The goal is these students know what can and cannot be done," said Rosehan Ansyari.


Apart from being given counseling, the students were also distributed some aids such as school bags, books, stationery, and groceries. Muhammad Rijal, a Grade 4 Master School student, said he was happy with this activity at his school.


"As long as I study here, this is the first time there is an activity like this. We are invited to play, get materials, and get a school bag too. I am happy and hopefully, there will be more later" said Rijal.


The collaboration between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Police Woman of Polda Metro Jaya is planned to continue in several other schools in Jakarta and its surroundings.
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