Recipient of ATENSI Program from in Bandung Regency Feels Touched and Happy

Recipient of ATENSI Program from in Bandung Regency Feels Touched and Happy
Writer :
Humas Sentra Abiyoso Cimahi
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BANDUNG REGENCY (October 31, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Abiyoso Center distributed assistance to 527 PPKS in Bandung Regency with a total value of IDR 967,825,298.-. The distribution activity was handed over directly by the Head of Abiyoso Center, Agung Hendrawan to the Head of the Bandung Regency Social Office, Indra Respati.


"The recipients of the Social Rehabilitation Assistance Program (ATENSI) consist of the elderly, persons with disabilities, children, and victims of disasters and emergencies. The types that are channeled are in the form of entrepreneurship assistance, disability aids, assistance packages to fulfill decent living needs, and accessibility support. Hopefully, this ATENSI assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs can help Social Welfare Service Recipient (PPKS) to make them self-sufficient," said the Head of Abiyoso Center Cimahi.


The Head of Bandung Regency Office hopes that Abiyoso Center can continue to help the community. "Of course, on behalf of the Bandung Regency Government, we would like to thank Ministry of Social Affairs, especially Abiyoso Center who have cared about assisting, because alleviation of social problems requires collaboration from all stakeholders. Hopefully, in the future the assistance given can be even more quotas that get it and Abiyoso Center can continue to facilitate people who need help," Indra said.


"It is an honor for me to be able to participate in conveying ATENSI assistance from Ministry of Social Affairs through Abiyoso Center Cimahi,” said the Head of Bumi Wangi Village, Rudi.


One of the PPKS from ATENSI Program in the form of a Home Improvement on behalf of Mrs. Ceceh for IDR 13,958,900, expressed her happy feelings, "Thank you to all ladies and gentlemen, I did not expect to be assisted in this, thank you very much, I have received my kindness, ladies and gentlemen," she said.


As for one of the other PPKS, Mr. Elan, who received an Entrepreneurship Program in the form of Business Capital for Selling Bandrek and Bajigur worth IDR 6,465,000, - "Thank God, I received all of these, I thank you very much to Ministry of Social Affairs represented by Abiyoso Center and all those present, before that I did not expect that this assistance would be given to me, I hope that all forms that have been given are recorded as a charity of worship ladies and gentlemen, Aamiin" said Mr. Elan.


Feeling touched and happy could be seen on the beneficiaries’ faces, including the families and local officials.

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