Reconciliation Workshop: Attempts to Suicide among Teenagers

  • Reconciliation Workshop: Attempts to Suicide among Teenagers
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OHH Ditjen Rehsos
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Intan Qonita N
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Intan Qonita N

DOMPU (September 20, 2019) - The Ministry of Social through the Directorate of Child Social Rehabilitation held a Reconciliation Workshop in Dompu District, West Nusa Tenggara. The workshop was held to find solutions to the phenomenon of high suicide rates among adolescents in Huu Subdistrict, Dompu Regency.

Director of Child Social Rehabilitation, Kanya Eka Santi is very sad about the high suicide rate, especially in Huu District in the last three months.

"Everyone who is about to commit suicide always gives a warning that they are bored of life. We should be alert so that the child is helped, "said Kanya.

Tajuddin as Head of the Dompu Regency Social Service explained that the traditional culture in Dompu often causes children to be protected from their right to be able to study.

"Often children are required to help parents in the fields when the growing season and harvest take place," Tajuddin explained.

Seven cases of suicide have been recorded in the last three months in Huu District. Two people were saved while five others died.

What is most alarming is that more victims are teenagers or children. The average victim commits suicide by drinking insect or insect toxins.
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