Ribka Tjiptaning: Proud to Laugh, Cry and Guard Social Assistance on Target

Ribka Tjiptaning: Proud to Laugh, Cry and Guard Social Assistance on Target
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Humas Ditjen Rehabilitasi Sosial
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

SUKABUMI (August 27, 2022) - MoSA through Phala Martha Center in Sukabumi distributed ATENSI program worth IDR 538,931,793,- for Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS) located in the Regency and City of Sukabumi, during the Working Visit of Members of Commission VII of the House of Representatives (DPR RI), Ribka Tjiptaning Proletariati.


Ribka Tjiptaning Proletariati in her speech felt happy to be present in the community, especially in Sukabumi Regency, not only being close to power but being able to cry and laugh with the community. As a representative of the people, she has duties and responsibilities regarding data on recipients of social assistance in the City and Regency of Sukabumi, and today is the result of the delivery of social assistance in the form of assistance for Tricycle Motors, Entrepreneurship, Basic Food Assistance, and others for the City and Regency of Sukabumi.


The Director General of Social Rehabilitation, Pepen Nazaruddin representing the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini accompanied, "Ribka Tjiptaning Proletariati Member of Commission VII DPR-RI during a working visit to Sukabumi Regency.


"MoSA must quickly and accurately respond to all social problems in the community, from which sources and information we must follow up as soon as possible", said Pepen.


"Pepen also expressed his gratitude to the members of the Commission VII and the community, today MoSA has implemented social assistance for information from the community," he said.


The ATENSI program was managed by the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of Phalamarha Center Sukabumi in the form of Aids, Entrepreneurship, and Fulfillment of the Right to a Decent Life for persons with disabilities. The assistance included three-wheeled motorbikes, electric wheelchairs, adaptive wheelchairs, wheelchairs for persons with disabilities, adaptive sticks, basic food packages, and nutrition.


The Directorate of PSKBA distributed 1,000 food packages in Sukabumi Regency.


Sulaiman (46), a person with a visual sensory disability from Sukabumi Regency who received assistance for entrepreneurship in the form of selling Salted Eggs, expressed his gratitude to MoSA for helping, I have been in the business of selling salted eggs for only one year, previously I worked as a massage therapist, due to the pandemic my income from this decreased,” he said.


Also attending the visit were Deputy Mayor of Sukabumi, Dida Sembada, Deputy Regent of Sukabumi, Iyis Somantri, and Echelon II and III Officials of MoSA and other invitees.
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