SLRT and Puskesos Help to Solve Social Problem

  • SLRT and Puskesos Help to Solve Social Problem
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Writer :
Humas Dayasos
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Humas Dayasos

CIANJUR (March 10, 2020) - Social Minister Juliari P Batubara accompanied by Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto, Director General of Poverty Management Asep Sasa Purnama, Director of Social Empowerment for Individual, Family, and Public Institution Bambang Mulyadi directly observed the implementation of Puskesos services in Jambudipa Village, Cianjur which was welcomed by the head of Jambudipa Village. Before reviewing the Health Center, the Minister of Social Affairs attended the launching of the Sembako National Program, where the Minister of Social Affairs handed over People's Business Credit (KUR) assistance to KPM PKH who had graduated.

On this occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs visited Puskesos services at the village level and interacted with the official and people who received the service.

One of the residents met by the Minister of Social Affairs, Rodiyah, said that she was proposing to obtain a PKH and KIP program for her children, so that they could get future education guarantees for their children. This Puskesos can help people to directly submit complaints directly.

The Social Welfare Center (Puskesos) is an integrated referral service at the village level which is a miniature of the Integrated Referral Service System (SLRT) at the District / City level that aims to bring SLRT services closer to rural communities so that they do not have to travel long distances to get to the SLRT location at the city or district level.

In line with the launching of the "One Village One Puskesos Movement" by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Sabilulungan Social Welfare Center growth in 2019, where there are officers such as facilitators, front offices, and back offices that includes element of Youth Organization and Local Village Officials.

The Sabilulungan Social Welfare Center receives five to ten people in a day who come to complain to get social services.

Rahmad (Puskesos Sabilulungan Front Office) explained that the Puskesos Sabilulungan has been around since November 2019 until now, even though it is new but the enthusiasm of the public to report complaints about social welfare is quite good, and with the presence of the Puskesos can provide solutions in social welfare such as health referrals , education, etc.

The Minister hopes that the community members in the village can get a well services related to social services, and the management of the services then it can be immediately processed and solved.

The Director of PSPKKM added that TKSK is one of the pillars of the community which has the task and responsibility on assisting the government in carrying out social welfare implementation. Moreover, TKSK as a volunteer who directly involve in social programs can also be a Supervisor in reviewing the  referrals that are forwarded by the Facilitator and Puskesos at the village level.
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