Social Affairs Minister Risma hands over aid and seeks Children who Take Care of His Mother and Three Younger Brother

Social Affairs Minister Risma hands over aid and seeks Children who Take Care of His Mother and Three Younger Brother
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Alif Mufida Ulya
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Fia Arista Dewi/Karlina Irsalyana

BANGKALAN (March 5, 2023) - Moh. Syaridin Rohman (16) sat down while holding his youngest brother, M. Ragil Saputra (2).

Sometimes, the teenager who is familiarly called Ipin drops Ragil from his arms to teach him to walk or invite him to play in his yard.

Not far from him, two of Ipin's younger siblings, M. Sarob Salsabil (11) and Saida Romania (6), sit side by side. Both of them looked cute throwing jokes at each other.

Meanwhile, in the musholla of his house, Ipin's mother, Mesda, was lying down. The mother is known to be mentally disturbed.

Every day, Ipin has to stay at home, taking care of his three younger siblings and mother. As a teenager, the eldest of four siblings was forced to quit school to take care of his family.

This afternoon (5/3), Ipin's residence in Longkek Village, Galis District, Bangkalan, Madura, was visited by Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini. The Minister wanted to meet Ipin directly who was widely reported to be taking care of his younger siblings and his mother who had mental disorders.

There, the Minister invited Ipin to talk and gave Ipin's younger siblings toys. Not long after, the Minister also approached the mother who was lying in the musholla of their house.

"Mom, don't be sad, you have to be strong. You have young children; you have to be healthy. Later, I will take you to a psychiatrist to be treated, so that you can recover and take care of your children," said the Minister of Social Affairs to strengthen Mesda.

Not only providing reinforcement, the Minister also stimulated Mesda by continuing to invite her to interact. Unexpectedly, Risma's interaction received a response from Mesda.

Risma said she wanted to focus on curing Mesda who had mental disorders so that she could return to caring for her children so that the responsibility no longer needed to be shouldered by her eldest child.

"I have an appointment with a psychiatrist to immediately help recover Mrs. Mesda. So, there is no need to take her to Menur (Mental Hospital) in Surabaya," she said in Bangkalan, on Sunday (5/3).

Risma said Mesda can recover faster if the recovery therapy is carried out consistently and invited to interact intensely.

"Earlier, I invited her to chat and I provoked her memories, she can still communicate. Indeed, it must continue to be trained and stimulated. God willing, she can recover quickly," she said.

While the therapy process for Mesda is running, Risma added, she will provide assistance to support the living needs of Mesda's four children.

This is because the family's economic condition is quite difficult considering that Ipin's father is currently still in detention. "We will also continue to supply for daily needs so that the children's needs and nutrition are fulfilled," said Risma.

In addition, with Ipin's current condition, he is practically unable to continue his schooling. This year, Ipin was supposed to start high school.

"For Ipin, we will also pay attention to his education, whether it is given training or we explore later the potential he can have. What is certain is that everything will be our concern," she said.

Previously, news about Ipin went viral on social media on Sunday (2/26), and was quickly observed by the Minister of Social Affairs.

The condition of the teenager who took care of his three younger siblings and mother who suffered from mental disorders, without a father because he was being detained due to a motorcycle possession case, prompted the Minister of Social Affairs to instruct her staff to respond quickly to this case.

Through the UPT of the Ministry of Social Affairs, "Margo Laras" Center in Pati, Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) assistance total of IDR 17.5 million was distributed.

The assistance was in the form of IDR 5 million in cash, basic needs, and nutrition assistance, daily supplies, mattress pillows, clothes, toys, and diapers, and IDR 12.5 million in school supplies.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Affairs will still conduct another assessment to propose Integrated Prosperous House assistance and entrepreneurship assistance for Ipin's family.

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