Students of Social Welfare Polytechnic Study Entrepreneurship at Indofood

Students of Social Welfare Polytechnic Study Entrepreneurship at Indofood
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Poltekesos Bandung
Editor :
David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

Bandung (12 September 2023) - Responding to the dynamics of development and variations in social problems, in-depth analysis and studies are needed to solve and resolve these social problems. A study is needed that is complete both scientifically and empirically.

Ministry of Social Affairs is entrusted with the constitutional task of overcoming and resolving 26 social problems clustered in the categories of neglect, disability, social deviance issues, underdeveloped, poverty, disaster.

One of the problems being pushed to solve is poverty. One way to resolve poverty is by strengthening the entrepreneurial side, growing the ability of poor people to have the endurance and fighting power to start businesses according to their interests and talents.

As stated and always carried out by Minister of Social Affairs, in terms of our main duties and functions, we must be pro-active, see, hear and solve various social problems, including the problem of poverty and it is hoped that this will lead to a society that is empowered and socially resilient.

This is the strength of Poltekesos (Social Welfare Polytechnic) as an official higher education institution belonging to Ministry of Social Affairs, taking action to respond to the situation and also completing the wishes of Minister of Social Affairs. Poltekesos is a higher education institution that is a benchmark for other universities in interpreting and realizing social welfare in the context of a scientific approach and the context of application in the field. This platform is important because social welfare is not just about poverty or disability, but about protection, empowerment and social security.

As part of the learning plan in the curriculum, the Social Welfare Polytechnic strengthens the profile of its students with a variety of practices. One of these practices is carried out by collaborating with PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur, in terms of strengthening entrepreneurial learning. This entrepreneurship is related to business management because in the future these students will be deployed as companions for poor people who are registered as worthy of receiving social assistance for business development.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Office in Padalarang, Bandung Regency, West Java, Poltekesos initiated a collaboration with PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur by formulating a stall business, with a focus on triggering sales in the form of Indofood product noodles. This reflects the best practice of PT Indofood's success in developing 1,600 traders in West Bandung, with the trade name warmindo (warung indomie).

Director of Poltekesos, Suharma, said that this collaboration, apart from following up on the wishes of Minister of Social Affairs, was also a tool needed to strengthen students' competence and capability in terms of assisting poor people who have the desire to do business, without depending on social assistance. This is in accordance with Minister of Social Affairs' statement that entrepreneurship for poor people is to encourage independence without relying on social assistance.

In another part, Suharma said that regarding the teaching materials prepared or developed to train students, they were handed over to PT Indofood team, taking into account their experience and the type of training material.

The General Manager of PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur, who was present to directly receive the delegation from Poltekesos, expressed his gratitude and welcomed this collaboration, and that it was important for its meaning in efforts to overcome poverty, strengthening the business base of poor people to become the economic strength of the family. This is what we have been waiting for.

This entrepreneurship training will be related to endurance and fighting power in entrepreneurship, choosing a business field, managing a business, getting customers, and developing and maintaining a business.

This material is important because students will later become companions for 100 poor people who receive social assistance, as a starting point for Poltekesos' contribution to helping alleviate poverty. "This collaboration is also carried out to answer the challenges of learning dynamics in higher education and will become a platform for other institutions and also other universities to collect data, analyze and carry out efforts to resolve the social problem of poverty, which of course has different characteristics," concluded Suharma.

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