Synchronization of Progress 5.0 through the Rapid Reaction Team Consolidation

  • Synchronization of Progress 5.0 through the Rapid Reaction Team Consolidation
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Writer :
OHH Ditjen Rehsos
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

YOGYAKARTA (October 3, 2019) - Director General of Social Rehabilitation Edi Suharto gave direction on the synchronization of Progress 5.0 NP activities through the Consolidation of the Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) with Related Agencies in 2019.

According to Edi Suharto, the contribution of TRC to social rehabilitation has been extraordinary, it can be seen from the cases handled quite significantly.

"What needs to be improved in the future is publication, because the activities carried out by TRC are still not well informed to the public. We need to encourage the TRC to be more visible services that have been implemented," said Edi.

Furthermore, Edi said that strategies need to be developed to increase the role of TRC. The intended strategy is the TRC Marketing Strategy, where there are three things that must be considered in marketing.

First, TRC Positioning must focus on service in five NP NP 5.0 clusters.

Second, Differentiation, namely the duties or roles of TRC must be different from other service institutions.

"Because our social rehabilitation means our quick reaction is related to social rehabilitation, such as referral, crisis intervention. Case management must also be good, "said Edi Suharto.

Third, Branding, which is what the current TRC will raise. Various communication activities need to be done to build and expand the TRC Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation.

Finally, Edi Suharto stated the importance of coordination, namely the need to pay attention to the coordination structure, both from the secretariat and the directorate so that the system being implemented became clear in the division of tasks.

This activity was carried out at Herper Mangkubumi Hotel Yogyakarta, 3-6 October 2019 and was attended by 66 participants consisting of the Central Satker within the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation, DG PFM, TRC DG Rehosos, the Drafting Team for Social Functioning Index (IKS), Provincial Social Services, Regencies / City and Philanthropic Institutions.

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