Tagana Goes to School Involves SMAN 1 Pandaan

  • Tagana Goes to School Involves SMAN 1 Pandaan
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Writer :
Alif Mufida Ulya (OHH Ditjen Linjamsos)
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Alif Mufida Ulya (OHH Ditjen Linjamsos)

PASURUAN (27 September 2019) - The National Tagana Jamboree and Social Service which took place at the end of last September left a variety of distinct impressions, especially for those who directly involved. There are a number of agendas that were held to enliven the performance which took approximately a week, including Tagana Goes to School, Tagana Cares for the Elderly, to the Idea Sharing Session (ISS).

Among those activities, one of them was Tagana Goes School (TMS) which took place at SMAN 1 Pandaan. Ariadi Nur Awalukianto, Head of SMAN 1 Pandaan welcomed the Ministry of Social activities involving the school he leads.

"Alhamdulillah, Tagana's friends are willing to attend this Pandaan Senior High School", Ariadi said. According to him, even though the area is not including into a disaster-prone area, his students need to have basic preventive provisions to deal with disasters.

This was reinforced by one of the Tagana personnel from West Nusa Tenggara, Dedi Susanto, who took part in the simulation in Class X MIA 1, "The amount of disaster victims increase caused by panic and the unpreparedness of community when facing disaster. Therefore, this simulation is important as a basic understanding evacuation when disaster occurs. I am proud, students here are very enthusiastic and quick to understand the disaster simulation process".

Many positive inputs were obtained from this TMS activity. The Head of SMAN 1 Pandaan also said that through TMS activity, students are able to absorb disaster knowledge from the Tagana.

"We think that we have gained a lot of knowledge, especially for our children. At the time of the socialization, they were very enthusiastic. Then, during the simulation, they showed huge enthusiasm", explained Ariadi.

In its implementation, Tagana personnel from 34 provinces were merged into several small groups to provide a brief description of the types of disasters and to demonstrate a simulation of disaster evacuation, especially earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, floods and landslides which were followed by all students in the class.

"For the implementation of Tagana Jamboree, hopefully, this kind of activity will still involve high school, not only junior high school and elementary school. So that what has been running now remains a provision of knowledge to deal with any disasters", concluded Ariadi.
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