Tagana Task Force, a New History of Disaster Management

Tagana Task Force, a New History of Disaster Management
Writer :
Humas Ditjen Linjamsos
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BOGOR (February 22, 2023) - The Director General of Social Protection and Security, Robben Rico confirmed 30 Tagana to officially become Tagana Task Force after previously participating in 14 days of training, starting from 8 February 2023.


The training aims to improve the character as well as technical capabilities of Tagana personnel in disaster locations such as being able to create infrastructure and understand how to make evacuation routes that must be alerted in three different places. First at Cijantung Kopassus Headquarters, Integrated Center “Inten Suweno” and ending at Sentul Tagana Center, West Java. Apart from cooperating with Kopassus, this training was also filled with various speakers from National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB), the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), TAGANA East Java, and Vertical Rescue Indonesia.


"Improving disaster management services, not only natural disasters but also social disasters is the initial goal of the Tagana Task Force being formed," said Robben while attending the closing ceremony for the formation of the TAGANA Task Force in Sentul, West Java (22/2).


What was interesting in the Tagana Task-Force training was that the participants gained some skills that had never existed before, namely Electrical Installation and Carpentry. This training will later add to Tagana's abilities at the disaster site to prepare comfortable housing for survivors and in the future, they can become instructors in their respective areas.


"I am proud that in a relatively short time, I was able to change the personality and discipline of the trainees. Congratulations to all participants, you have graduated. Starting tomorrow, the participants must be ready with activities that benefit the community," said Robben at the end of his speech.


The closing activity was continued by embedding a special Task-Force Tagana pin on all participants witnessed by Acting Director of PSKBA, Adrianus Alla, Head of Education and Training Center, Afrizon Tanjung, and trainers from Kopassus.

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