"Tan Miyat" BRSPDSN Attended 2019 National Cultural Week

  • "Tan Miyat" BRSPDSN Attended 2019 National Cultural Week
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JAKARTA (October 12, 2019) - About 245 performances involving approximately 3,600 artists and art workers at the 2019 National Cultural Week (PKN), drumband and blind disability (disnet) band of "Tan Miyat" Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Blind Sensory Disabilities (BRSPDSN) Bekasi participated in the series of PKN events on Saturday (12/10), at Istora Senayan Jakarta.

By playing a set of drumband and musical instruments in this national cultural parade, it proves that people with blind sensory disabilities (PDSN) were also given the opportunity to participate in Indonesian culture. The PDSN participating was the "Tan Miyat" BRSPDSN beneficiary in Bekasi, the second batch.

The event, which took place from October 7-13, 2019, was held by the Ministry of Education and Culture presenting various Indonesian traditional cultures in a single container with the theme "Space with Happy Indonesia"

Writer :
Humas BRSPDSN "Tan Miyat" Bekasi
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

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