Technical Coordination Meeting of ATENSI Program from Wyata Guna Center Bandung

Technical Coordination Meeting of ATENSI Program from Wyata Guna Center Bandung
Writer :
Humas Sentra Wyata Guna Bandung
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BANDUNG (FEBRUARY 11, 2023) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Wyata Guna Bandung Center carried out a Technical Coordination Meeting for the Social Rehabilitation Assistance Program (ATENSI) at Bandung Poltekesos, to achieve and deliver ATENSI component which became a program at Wyata Guna Bandung Center based on related presentations and discussions.


A total of 57 participants consisting of the Social Office, Social Welfare Institutions (LKS), Social Rehabilitation Companions, and ATENSI Implementing HR from Wyata Guna Center Bandung took part in the activity, each representing stakeholders based on the work area.


The Head of Wyata Guna Center, Iri Sapria, and the Head of the Administrative Subdivision, Iis Lisnawati opened the activity by briefly explaining the profile of Wyata Guna Center and introducing Braille Literacy. "Now this is our responsibility, Wyata Guna Center, not only ATENSI component," said Iri Sapria.


The event then continued with a brief presentation accompanied by the Head of Subdivision, Iis Lisnawati regarding ATENSI program at Wyata Guna Center in 2023 delivered by the working group team and allowing participants to discuss.


As stated in the Minister of Social Affairs No. 7 of 2022 which is the reference for implementing ATENSI program at Wyata Guna Center Bandung, representing the Director General of Social Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Sri Harijati, Chair of the Household Work Team and Personnel explained Social Rehabilitation Assistance in the Context of Implementation of ATENSI Program.


How important is the role of Social Assistance from planning to technical which is a plus. "How to determine what to give, for example physically, a wheelchair is the last choice for ladies and gentlemen, if indeed the motor skills can still be developed, crutches can be the answer, then hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, that's important for further assessment on this matter," said Sri Harijati.


Social rehabilitation is a refunctionalization and development process to enable a person to carry out his social functions generally in society (Law 11 2009 on Social Welfare). "The goal emerges what to do for PPKS, the Comprehensive Assessment and the role of social companions will answer."


This activity was closed with each participant representing the work area briefly explaining the program/action plan that is sustainable with ATENSI program from Wyata Guna Bandung Center.


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