Technical Guidance for Preparing Social Welfare Institutions Financial Statements

  • Technical Guidance for Preparing Social Welfare Institutions Financial Statements
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WEST CIKARANG (September 26, 2019) - Director of Social Rehabilitation for Persons with Social Deviance  and Victims of Trafficking in the Ministry of Social Affairs, Waskito Budi Kusumo, accompanied by the Head of the Ex-Homeless and Beggar Social Rehabilitation Center (BRSEGP), Kokom Komalawati provided guidance as well as opened the Technical Guidance for Preparing Financial Reports for Institutional Institutions Social Welfare (LKS).

The activity was attended by 40 participants representing the Foundation, the Directorate of RSTS and KPO, the Secretariat General Rehsos, LKS, Practitioners and Structural and Functional Officers in the "Pangudi Luhur" Bekasi neighborhood. It was held for three days from 26-28 September 2019 at the Swiss Hotel -Bellinn, West Cikarang, Bekasi.

In his direction, Waskito Budi said, "The task of BRSEGP is to carry out social rehabilitation for ex-homeless people and beggars. The implementation of Social Rehabilitation in Balai and LKS must be in accordance with the standards and programs of the Directorate even though there are local programs adjusting to regional needs."

One of the Ministry of Social's efforts and manifestations in dealing with homeless people and beggars in order to be able to try to be independent so that they do not become homeless and beggar again is by joining a partnership-based Aiming Aid Program (BanTu) involving LKS officers and Social Services in each region.

As a follow-up to the program, it is necessary to hold a Technical Guidance on the Compilation of Financial Statements for LKS officers to improve the ability of LKS in preparing financial reports in accordance with existing procedures.

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