The Area is Flooded, TKSK Pardasuka Pringsewu Encourages and Participates in Social Service with Residents

  • The Area is Flooded, TKSK Pardasuka Pringsewu Encourages and Participates in Social Service with Residents
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PRINGSEWU (4 January 2022) - Besides being a Potential Source of Social Welfare to provide the best service to Social Welfare Service Recipients following the Minister of Social Affairs Regulation 08 of 2012, TKSK must also be able to establish relationships and partner with various parties. After actively participating in a survey and rapid assessment carried out by the Pringsewu BPBD Task Force Team with the Head of Pekon and Babinsa Pekon Pardasuka on Tuesday, 4 /1/2022 to find out the main factors causing the flooding which resulted in the submergence of residences and disruption of the economic activities of residents in the area. Pardasuka Village, especially in Ujung Gunung Hamlet and Marga Bhatin Hamlet, Pardasuka Village, Pardasuka District, Pringsewu Regency.


Ismail, TKSK, Pardasuka Subdistrict, Pringsewu Regency, Lampung, encouraged and initiated “Gotong royong” (community service) together in flood management.


It should be noted that in December there were 2 floods on December 10 and 29, 2021, which greatly disrupted the safety, comfort, and activities of the community and in that area, there were many elderly and children who needed special handling when a flood occurred.


"There are approximately 800 meters of Boloran (Premier) flow located in the Hamlet of Marga Bhatin. Shallowing, narrowing and urgent need for flow normalization," Pahrurozi as Head of PKS BPBD said after the survey.


Jevi as the Head of Pekon Pardasuka said that "After deliberation with several community leaders and Uspika including TKSK Pardasuka District for 3 days starting Friday - Sunday 07-09/01/2022 normalization and gotong-royong were carried out by involving residents of 3 Hamlets namely Jatiagung Hamlet, Ujung Gunung Hamlet, and Marga Bhatin Hamlet".


"Thank God, we received heavy equipment assistance in the form of a Mini Excavator which greatly helped accelerate normalization from the Al Shintan Brigade in Pringsewu Regency," added Agus Purnomo, a Disaster Analyst at the Pringsewu BPBD, who was at the location for 3 consecutive days with TKSK and Wijonarko, a representative from Al Shintan Pringsewu.

Ismail, one of the local Youth Leaders who is also the District Social Welfare Officer (TKSK) Pardasuka, expressed his gratitude to all parties involved and gave special empathy and attention to the flood problem in Pekon Pardasuka which was finally able to be quickly handled this year.

"Hopefully, with the normalization of Boloran, there will be no more flooding in our area, so that when it rains, which usually occurs at night, all residents are not anxious and can rest well. And don't forget that the community must also care about the environment by not littering in the stream which can cause flooding, as has been warned by the Pringsewu Regency BPBD by installing warning boards in the area," said Ismail.

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Dinsos Pringsewu
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