The Ministry of Social Affairs Gives Various Types of Assistance Worth Rp36 Billion

  • The Ministry of Social Affairs Gives Various Types of Assistance Worth Rp36 Billion
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Humas Balai Besar Kartini Temanggung
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Annisa YH
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Karlina Irsalyana

SEMARANG (27 February 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs continued the delivery of assistance for Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI), PKH, Basic Food, Social Rehabilitation, and Entrepreneurship Programs (ProKUS) which were symbolically given by Member of Commission VIII of the House of Representatives (DPR RI), KH Buchori Yusuf, Head of Integrated Center “Kartini” Temanggung Rachmat Koesnadi, representatives from Social Office of Central Java Province, Acting Social Office of Semarang City, head of PT. Pos Kota Semarang, with a total aid of Rp. 36,624,450,000,-


The assistance was symbolically given in the form of basic food assistance to 38,333 KPM BPNT as much as IDR 22.9 billion, Family Hope Program assistance to 18,846 KPM with a value of 13.5 billion, ATENSI program consisting of assistance to orphans whose parents died due to Covid-19, an entrepreneurship program for assisting the accessibility of aids to 166 beneficiary families with a value of Rp 85,050,000.


In addition, ATENSI program is given to Children, Persons with Disabilities, the Elderly, Victims of Violence, Orphans, Fatherless and Motherless, in the form of ATENSI savings for businesses such as stalls, street vendors, angkringan, selling stationery, chicken/goat livestock.


This working visit is one of the government's commitments, especially Ministry of Social Affairs together with Commission VIII DPR RI to monitor and evaluate the Social Assistance provided from MoSA, especially in the city of Semarang so that it is realized on target and is appropriate following the needs assessment that has been carried out by field assistants. and based on the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS).


Member of Commission VIII DPR RI, Buchori Yusuf supports the Ministry of Social Affairs program which continues to validate data, "Don't be afraid if there are people who have not been listed as recipients of the Ministry of Social Affairs programs, this is proof that the government is always here to serve people towards a more prosperous Indonesia," said Buchori. The distribution and assessment process is carried out by Kartini Temanggung Center.


Buchori also said that the programs put forward by the Ministry of Social Affairs at the Commission VIII DPR RI Working Meeting were all real, proven, and directly felt by the community.


The happy expression of an elderly 66 years old, Nur Faizah, after getting accessibility assistance in the form of a wheelchair, "I am grateful and happy to get a wheelchair, I don't always ask for help from others," said Mrs. Nur Faizah.

Huwaydaa, 12 years old, one of the orphans who received assistance in the form of savings, "I am very happy to receive this assistance, thank you to the Ministry of Social Affairs for helping me, now I have a savings book for continuing my education at college level later", said Huwaydaa who want to be a doctor with the hope of making her parents happy.
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