The Role of Social Pillars through Community-Based Audit

The Role of Social Pillars through Community-Based Audit
Writer :
Dian Catur P.K.
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

DEPOK (October 8th, 2019) - “The potential of Human Resources Family Hope Program (SDM PKH), Disaster Preparedness Cadets (Tagana), District Social Welfare Workers (TKSK), Pioneer of Peace is very large. Their existence will become a platform. Their roles, responsibilities and synergy are very significant in social welfare implementation,” said Inspector General of the Ministry of RI, Dadang Iskandar in the opening of Community Based Audit Workshop “Increased Role of Community Control in Achieving Transparency and Accountability of the Family Hope Program” held at Savero Hotel, Depok (8/10).

On this occasion, the Inspectorate General as an internal supervisor at the Ministry of Social Affairs wanted to build synergy with human resources in the field as a preventive effort so that the Ministry of Social Affairs would be free from corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) practices.

The Inspector General wants all parties involved in the implementation of social welfare to reject gratuities, and maintain accountability so that a community-based audit can be realized.

Community Based Audit (CBA) is something that is not widely known by the public. Therefore, on this occasion, the Inspectorate General introduced the CBA through workshops for social pillars in the Depok area so that they could participate in overseeing the distribution of social assistance in their area.

The Community Based Audit is a form of supervision and control so that social assistance provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs to the community can be on target, on time, on the right amount, on the right quality, on the right type and on the right way. In implementing CBA, parties expected to be involved include public figure, social pillars (TKSK, PSM, Youth Organization, Tagana, etc.) and religious leaders. Public is also expected to be able to report if there is social assistance fraud.

On this occasion, the participants along with the ranks of the auditors of The Inspectorate for Social Protection and Security discussed about the problems faced by social pillars in the field along with the steps they had taken to deal with these problems. These problems can later be submitted to the relevant directorates for review and resolution.

Reviewing many problems that occur in the field, the Inspectorate General hopes for cooperation with the community, especially social pillars in overseeing the implementation of Social Welfare and instilling the importance of integrity in the social pillars so that they are not tempted to be involved in the misuse of Social Assistance.

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