Urgency of Family Support Activities for PDSRW

Urgency of Family Support Activities for PDSRW
Writer :
Humas BRSPDSRW "Efata" Kupang
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Yusa Maliki; Karlina Irsalyana

MANGGARAI (October 29, 2019) - Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Deaf and Mute Sensory Disabilities (BRSPDSRW) "Efata" Kupang conducts Family Support activities (family strengthening) for families with Deaf and Mute Sensory Disabilities (PDSRW) undergoing Advanced Social Rehabilitation programs. The activities carried out in the Manggarai "Karya Murni" Social Welfare Institution Hall (LKS) are a series of Social Rehabilitation processes to enhance the role of families in efforts to support the entrepreneurship of PDSRW.

Suwahyono as the Head of BRSPSRW "Efata" Kupang revealed to 40 families and 10 disability companions that Family Support is a place for education and consultation for service recipient families so that later families will have knowledge on how to assist and treat PDSRW in carrying out entrepreneurship in the home and community environment. .

"This activity is very important to develop cooperation, relationships and positive communication within the family, so that recipients of services that have finished undergoing social rehabilitation have support in developing their social functioning and have social responsibility to the community. We cannot work alone without the role and support from parents, "said Suwahyono.

On the same occasion, Rafael, Head of the Manggarai Regency Social Service said that the Family Support activity aims to have all family members have an active role in understanding problems, accepting reality, acknowledging, understanding and encouraging service recipients to participate in social rehabilitation programs and develop their social functions.

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