Welcoming Social Solidarity Day, Cilincing Residents Paint Houses Together

Welcoming Social Solidarity Day, Cilincing Residents Paint Houses Together
Writer :
OHH Ditjen Linjamsos
Editor :
Alif Mufida Ulya
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (December 10, 2022) - Something was interesting this morning at Kalibaru Village, Cilincing District, North Jakarta. Since 8 a.m., residents who live in RW 04 have gathered to carry out a community service action to paint some residents' houses on the north coast.


This community service activity in painting residents' houses is part of the implementation of the Social Harmony program provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs to residents in RW 04. In addition, this activity is also a series of events for National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) and International Disability Day (HDI), which will be commemorated on December 20, 2022, in Klungkung, Bali.


House painting activities are not only carried out by residents but also assisted by social pillars in DKI Jakarta, including Tagana, Peace Pioneers, Karang Taruna (Youth Organization), to PKH Companions.


PSKBSNA Director, Mira Riyati Kurniasih, who took part in this activity, expressed her appreciation to the residents involved. According to her, this activity proves that the social solidarity of the community is still magnificent.


"Today, we can see that the people here are still very enthusiastic about community service. We need to appreciate the sense of solidarity here. So, we can see now, these houses look cleaner, tidier, and more colorful." This is what we have to take care of continuously," said Mira.


In addition to painting residents' houses, the Social Harmony program in RW 04, Kalibaru Village, Cilincing, North Jakarta also made an integrated clean water installation for residents. Residents who previously had difficulty getting clean water now have sanitary water installations that can be used daily.


The clean water installation equipment provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs can produce water of proper quality for drinking directly without needing to be boiled. In one day, this clean water installation is capable of producing as much as 12,000 liters of ready-to-drink water per day.

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