Wirajaya Center Makes Masyita Smile Perfect

Wirajaya Center Makes Masyita Smile Perfect
Writer :
Iin Saputri
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
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Karlina Irsalyana

MAKASSAR (February 27, 2023) - Reality does not always match expectations. Sometimes, expectations are reluctant to turn into reality. That's when humans need to strengthen the foundation of their faith because life must go on. The existence of a gap between expectations and reality is never wanted by anyone.


Likewise M. Jamil Taufik and his wife, Sari, only work as casual laborers every day and do not have a steady income. Residents who live in Tallo District, Makassar City are forced to face the reality that their youngest child, Masyita Naura Krasiva (5) experiences obstacles in her growth and development process.


At the age of 13 months at that time, their beautiful daughter was diagnosed with a spastic type of cerebral palsy (CP). The disease paralyzed the nerves of the brain so that for years, Masyita was only able to lie down, unable to sit, stand, and walk alone. The misery didn't stop there. Cerebral palsy has also robbed Masyita of her ability to communicate verbally.


According to the mother's statement, at first, the cute little girl had a high fever with a temperature of 39 degrees. When she was about to be taken to the hospital, apparently a large-scale mass demonstration was taking place on the route to be traversed, causing severe traffic jams to be inevitable. No doubt, Masyita was too late to get medical treatment.


The assessment carried out on November 30, 2022, by Wirajaya Center stated that Masyita was able to turn her body back and forth while lying down. Her legs became smaller and cramped, and her left hand was able to grip, while her right hand still often had muscle cramps. Therefore, Wirajaya Center provides physical therapy services to try to get used to the movements in Masyita's muscles. Even when this article was written in early February 2023, Masyita was able to position her body to sit even though it was not perfect. Apart from physiotherapy, the results of the assessment also recommended that Masyita get an adaptive wheelchair to help her practice a better sitting position as well as assist in terms of mobility.


The physiotherapist who has been treating Masyita, Murniaty, explained that Masyita's growth still looks like a 9-month-old child. "If a child is 5 years old, right, they can already play, jump to and fro, run, and so on. However, Masyita can only lie down, toss and turn from side to side, even crawling is not good, she can only sit for a short time. At first, her neck couldn't be straight, the shape of her legs crossed her knees because her legs were so stiff."


Dealing with brain damage is not as easy or fast as it might seem. It takes a long time and also cooperation with parents.

“For example, in terms of communication barriers. Keep talking, just because the child has a communication disorder, then the parents don't talk to her. The way to communicate must be the same as when communicating with other children," said Murni.

According to Murni, when parents want to talk to a child who has CP, they have to be face-to-face. “That way, children besides being able to see their parents, are also able to see the movements of their parents' mouths and store them in their heads to understand them. Our main goal for this child was not for healing."

First of all, continued Murni, children with CP must be able to control their movements so they can position their bodies properly.

"At least she can sit. If she can sit, it means that her neck and spine can be positioned properly. If her neck and spine are in a good position, preparations for learning to stand can be done," said Murni further.

Every child is a precious treasure of the Creator entrusted to their parents. Every parent is obliged to care for and raise with all love, body, and soul. Faithfully, Sari brought Masyita to Wirajaya Center polyclinic almost every day to undergo physical therapy. She revealed that her son was very comfortable with the physical therapy she underwent at Wirajaya Center.

"Thank God, Masyita has experienced a lot of development since getting physiotherapy here. How many places have we visited for therapy that are not the same as the physiotherapy services here. Her right hand was starting to become active, and her left wrist, which had been very stiff, now began to move. Her appetite has also increased, she can even scream," said Sari.

Masyita's family is far from well-off. They live in a relative's house with four other families who often do not treat them well.

"They don't seem like relatives, we are often insulted, especially Masyita. Very often Masyita is said to be paralyzed. Masyita's two older siblings were often asked to do heavy work at the house. I just said, 'that's the risk if we stay at someone's house. Be patient, God will surely help us. If you say it's painful, it's very painful for us, but what can we do?” Sari said, her voice trembling to hold back her emotional turmoil and sadness.

To meet their daily needs, this family often owes money to neighbors. "If Masyita's father gets more money, that's what we use to pay off the debt," continued Mrs. Sari.

This reality made Sari often cry silently, not wanting her children to know. Moreover, her children often ask when they can move out of the house.

"Thank God, we have received all kinds of help for our daily needs," said Jamil. "My principle is, if we like to help, then the help will be easy for us to get," she continued.

Despite living within financial limitations, Masyita's parents still intend to send Masyita to school. “She has to go to school no matter what. Money can still be found, the important thing is that our children can succeed, "said Jamil.

"If there is a wheelchair, it can help Masyita learn to sit up straight. We can also do other things," said Sari. In addition, she also really hopes to get business capital assistance to sell.

"So far, officers from RT or RW have visited us several times, they said they would receive assistance from Social Office, but until now we have never received any assistance at all, even though we have already collected the required files," said Sari.

Among the many abilities that CP took from Masyita, there was one thing that could not be forcibly taken from her. That's the smile. The results of the assessment also revealed that even though she was unable to communicate through words, Masyita would always smile when she heard her name being called.

"Now she can understand what we are saying, but she can't convey anything with words, only with gestures," said Jamil.

Arrived on the awaited day. During the heavy rain that has mercilessly lashed all over Makassar in the past few days, the car belonging to Wirajaya Center drove to Masyita's family residence to hand over Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) aid in the form of an adaptive wheelchair to Masyita, Friday (17/2/2023).

With this wheelchair, Masyita no longer needs to do all her activities in bed. The sitting exercises can also be more intense.

"Now she eats in her wheelchair, not in bed anymore," said Sari.

With great emotion, the mother endlessly gives thanks for the help they receive.

“We are very grateful. Thank God, thank you very much to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Wirajaya Center for the assistance of physiotherapy services and adaptive wheelchair aids. We can't reply to it all, let God do the rest," said Sari.

She also hopes that her son can continue to undergo physiotherapy at Wirajaya Center at least until she can move freely.

"We are sure, Sita will be able to walk like other children."

Of course, all parties hope that the various services and tools provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs through Wirajaya Center for Masyita and her family can perfect the little angel's smile.

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