Task & Function


Following Presidential Regulation No.  110 of 2021 on Ministry of Social Affairs, it is stated that the Ministry of Social Affairs has the task of carrying out government affairs in the social sector to assist the President in administering state government.


In carrying out the tasks referred to above, the Ministry of Social Affairs carries out the following functions:
1. Formulation, determination, and implementation of policies on social rehabilitation, social security, social empowerment, and social protection.
2. Determination of criteria and data on the poor, vulnerable groups, and underprivileged people.
3. Determination standards of social rehabilitation.
4. Coordinating the implementation of tasks, coaching, and providing administrative support to all organizational elements within Ministry of Social Affairs.
5. Management of state property/wealth which is the responsibility of Ministry of Social Affairs.
6. Supervision of duties implementation within Ministry of Social Affairs.
7. Implementation of technical guidance and supervision of the implementation of Ministry of Social Affairs in the regions; and
8. Implementation of substantive support to all elements of the organization within Ministry of Social Affairs.
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