Vision and Mission

"The Realization of a Sovereign, Independent, and Distinctive Indonesia Based on Communal Work."

Ministry of Social Affairs carries out 5 of 9 Missions of the President.

  1. 7 Development Agenda

  2. 1. Strengthening Economic Resilience for Quality and Fair Growth;
  3. 2. Developing Regions to Reduce Gaps and Ensure Equity;
  4. 3. Increasing Quality and Competitive Human Resources;
  5. 4. Mental Revolution and Cultural Development;
  6. 5. Strengthening Infrastructure to Support Economic Development and Basic 
  7.      Services;
  8. 6. Building the Living Environment, Increasing Disaster Resilience, and
  9.     Climate Change
  10. 7. Strengthening the Stability of Political, Legal, and Security Affairs and
  11.     Transforming Public Services.
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