Helping Children Victims of Repeated Violence, Ministry of Social Affairs Provides Hypnotherapy and Business Support for Families

Helping Children Victims of Repeated Violence, Ministry of Social Affairs Provides Hypnotherapy and Business Support for Families
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Koesworo Setiawan
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Intan Qonita N/Karlina Irsalyana

MESUJI (January 25, 2023) - The Ministry of Social Affairs is paying serious attention to cases of sexual violence involving children, both as victims and perpetrators, in Mesuji Regency, Lampung Province. One of the children (N) experienced repeated violence perpetrated by people close to him and also became a victim of violence from unscrupulous educators.

At the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, the Ministry of Social Affairs team assessed in the last nine days. On Tuesday (24/01), the Director of Child Rehabilitation Kanya Eka Santi, and staff were present at Mesuji to ensure that N (13) and another victim AS (13) received immediate treatment.

“This case is quite complex. The Minister gave serious attention and sent us to come here (Mesuji) to handle it. Child N experienced repeated sexual violence from people close to him who were supposed to provide protection. The team has assessed N and will continue with therapy or rehabilitation. "Not only for victim N, but also her family," said Kanya, on Tuesday (24/01).

Present in Mesuji, the Ministry of Social Affairs team carried out an in-depth assessment of the victims (N and AS) and their families to find out the right way to carry out therapy or rehabilitation. "We will do hypnotherapy or other therapy to change the child's cognition and behavior. If the two victims do not receive treatment immediately, the impact will be significant," said Kanya.

During the assessment, the Ministry of Social Affairs team succeeded in asking N's parents who worked outside the area to return to their family. "We have called the victim's parents who work outside the area to come back," she said.

During the meetings with families, Kanya informed the victims' parents about proper parenting. After providing insight, Kanya invited ZM (36), N's mother who works as a nanny in Bekasi, to attend rehabilitation at the "Prof. Dr. Soeharso" Integrated Center in Surakarta.

"After informing the family, we will provide therapy and rehabilitation to ZM, N, and N's younger siblings at our center in Surakarta. The treatment can be more intensive and the environment is conducive. We provide ZM with business assistance to turn around its economy," said Kanya.

On that occasion, the Ministry of Social Affairs also provided ATENSI assistance i.e. school equipment, necessities, additional nutrition assistance, and children's toys.

Apart from therapy and rehabilitation, the Ministry of Social Affairs coordinates with Mesuji Police officers to ensure that perpetrators receive maximum criminal sanctions. "We are coordinating with the Mesuji Police to punish the perpetrators severely. "They are people who should provide protection but instead commit violence," said Kanya.

Head of the Mesuji Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKP Fajrian Rizki ensured the legal process was running. “Shortly, we will immediately hand over this case to the public prosecutor. Perpetrators from close people can be added to a third of the legal witnesses," he said.

N's case was revealed after the school discovered the immoral relations of N, AS, and RF (N's boyfriend). Instead of receiving guidance, N and AS allegedly received physical violence and were harassed by AM (Extension Guidance Teacher) under the pretext of a post-mortem.

During the subsequent examination, it was discovered that N had previously received repeated sexual violence from his stepfather SN while living in East Java. For AM perpetrators, the Ministry of Social Affairs is overseeing criminal cases at the Mesuji Police. And for SN, the Ministry of Social Affairs will encourage it through law enforcement in East Java.

N, AS, and RF (N's girlfriend) come from underprivileged families. They live separately from their parents. ZM (N's mother) is known to have divorced her first husband who worked as a construction worker and married SN who worked odd jobs. N still has a 5-year-old sister and is currently attending kindergarten.

For victims, the Ministry of Social Affairs has provided counseling, motivation, hypnotherapy, and sexual education. Furthermore, the Ministry of Social Affairs ensures the continued education of N and her younger siblings, as well as providing business support for ZM and assistance to meet the needs of a decent living. The Ministry of Social Affairs also facilitates medical services such as access to ENT and psychiatric services for N.

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