Visiting Toddlers with Liver Damage, Social Ministers Give Donations and Help Life Support

Visiting Toddlers with Liver Damage, Social Ministers Give Donations and Help Life Support
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Koesworo Setiawan
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Fia Arista Dewi

JAKARTA (August 25, 2022) - Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini visited Almahyra Khawla Rachman (11 months), a girl has a bile duct blockage and is indicated to suffer from biliary atresia (liver damage). Almahyra and her mother, Fadya Arrahmahwati (26) occupy a halfway house in the Central Jakarta area.

Arrived at the location (24/08), Minister of Social Affairs was immediately greeted by Almahyra who looked cheerful in her mother's lap. "Hey Almahyra, hi, what's up?" asked the Minister, greeted by Almahyra who waved her hand.

Almahyra – called Alma, responded well to the conversation with Minister of Social Affairs. Alma seemed to laugh and clapped her hands.

Her eyes responded to the Ministre, then she laughed and clapped. The Minister of Social Affairs also opened the toy which was a gift for her, the residents of Lowokwaru Village, Lowokwaru District, Malang City, East Java.

On this occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs listened to Fadya's explanation about the story of medical action for Almahyra and how to plan for the future medical actions. To media, the Minister of Social Affairs stated that Almahyra's treatment had been assisted by BPJS Kesehatan (Health Insurance).

But the costs that must be incurred are not only for medical care. However, financial support is also needed for daily needs, such as the provision of food, vitamins, and special milk which are not reimbursed by BPJS.

"Indeed, the cost of treatment has been covered by BPJS. However, there are other needs such as for food, vitamins, maybe also transportation and also special milk. This is what Alma needs special milk. It's quite expensive," said the Minister of Social Affairs to the media.

Ministry of Social Affairs helps Alma to meet the needs that are excluded from medical treatment. For medical needs that are continuous from time to time, administratively it cannot be supported by the Ministry of Social budget.

"Therefore, there is which handed over donations from the public," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

On this occasion, Fadya expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the assistance of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the willingness of the Minister of Social Affairs to attend to directly see the condition of Almahyra. “The Ministry of Social assistance is very meaningful. For example, this milk which is expensive and runs out in 2-3 days. So, thank you for the help from the Minister of Social Affairs, it is very useful,” he said.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Social Affairs handed over ATENSI assistance in the form of 10 cans of Peptamen junior milk, 4 balls of Diapers, 1 pack of 10 underpads, baby equipment dry wipes, shampoo soap, 1 bottle of vitamin Prove D3 drops, 7 bottles of Apialys, 2 bottles of Ferriz, and a thermos of water. one piece of heat, 6 sets of baby clothes, 6 pairs of baby socks, and 3 types of children's toys.

Previously, the Minister of Social Affairs had met with Almahyra, when the girl was undergoing treatment at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, May 2022. On May 11, 2022, the Ministry of Social Affairs had also handed over assistance to Almahyra.

At this meeting, donations were symbolically handed over through amounting to Rp60,891,578 from 2,797 donors. For medical purposes, Almahyra and her mother have been at the Bamuis Shelter, in Kenari area, Central Jakarta, since about 8 months ago.

Almahyra was born at RSIA Melati Husada Malang, August 28, 2022. After one month her eyes started to turn yellow, her defecation was putty, her urine was thick like tea. Almahyra was referred for blood tests, bilirubin checks, liver function and abdominal ultrasound.

The results showed high bilirubin, liver function above normal limits, and suspected biliary atresia (liver damage). Since October 2021 Almahyra has been referred to RSCM for further medical services. In the future, Almahyra is scheduled to undergo surgery for a liver transplant.

Present to accompany the Minister of Social Affairs, Director General of Social Rehabilitation Pepen Nazaruddin accompanied by Director of Child Social Rehabilitation Kanya Eka Santi and Head of the ‘Handayani’ Center in Jakarta Romal Sinaga.

On that occasion, Minister Risma and her staff also had the opportunity to visit four other children who were also receiving treatment at the Bamuis Shelter. They are Sinta Naviza (11) with hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid in the brain cavity) from Bandar Lampung, Raya Putri Subakja (4) from Cirebon who suffers from biliary atresia (disorder of bile flow), Khairani Julia Putri (7) from the Indonesian Archipelago. Riau who suffers from Down syndrome and Nadia Almahira (3) who suffers from hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy (brain development disorders).

Each child also receives assistance from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs in the form of milk, diapers, children's toys, care and treatment needs and will also be included in the donation site to get fundraising and donations from the community.

Furthermore, to follow up on Almahyra's condition, the Sentra Handayani team in Jakarta then coordinated with the RSCM and other related parties for further medical treatment and assistance for Almahyra, providing assistance, motivation and reinforcement to Almahyra's parents as well as Parenting skills to parents in order to provide care, good care to Almahyra.

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