Minister of Social Affairs Launched e-PKH Apps

Minister of Social Affairs Launched e-PKH Apps

JAKARTA (September 18, 2019) - Minister of Social Affairs Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita launched an e-Family Hope Program (e-PKH) digital based application for the Family Hope Program (PKH) to improve data accuracy and ensure effective distribution of social assistance.

"E-PKH is a digital-based breakthrough by the Ministry of Social Affairs which proves that PKH is ready to welcome the industrial era 4.0, the era of big data, the era of the internet of things," said the Minister in opening the Coordinating Assistance and Technical Guidance for e-PKH Applications in the Aneka Bhakti Building, Jakarta, Wednesday.

The Minister said that e-PKH made it easier to validate the prospective PKH recipient without paper and files because it was paperless, could calculate social assistance automatically, and could enter the results of the verification of the commitment of Beneficiary Families (KPM) quickly.

"In addition, we can calculate social assistance automatically, enter the results of KPM commitment verification quickly, update data directly, monitor the implementation of the Family Capacity Building Meeting (P2K2) on an ongoing basis," said the Minister.

Therefore, he continued, e-PKH application becomes very important as a tool in achieving program performance targets.

He said that the Ministry of Social Affairs in 2019 targeted as many as 800 thousand KPM to graduate from membership or commonly called Independent Graduation. Furthermore, in 2020 it is targeted to have one million KPM independently integrated.

Meanwhile, Director General of Social Protection and Security Harry Hikmat said that the Family Hope Program Coordinator Consolidation guidance and e-PKH Application Technical Guidance aimed at increasing integrity and strengthening the commitment of Family Hope Program Coordinators and Database Administrators in controlling Family Hope Program implementation in the field and Family Hope Program data management.

"No less important, this stabilization guidance will also equip Family Hope Program coordinators and Database Administrators to improve team solidity in the field and implement the use of the e-PKH application," Harry said.

Family Hope Program coordinator guidance activities to strengthen the 2019 this time was followed by a total of 729 participants Regional Coordinator, Regional Coordinator, and City Coordinator/District Implementing Family Hope Program from 5 provinces in 22 districts / cities. While the 2019 e-PKH application technical guidance activities were attended by 2,101 participants consisting of Provincial and District/City Database Administrators, as well as Family Hope Program Implementing Provincial Social Service representatives from 22 cities and 12 provinces.

In this event the Minister of Social Affairs gave awards to the city and district governments who were most active in conducting Verification and Validation of Integrated Social Welfare Data by using e-PKH. This time the award was given to three Regencies/Cities namely Mojokerto City, Pemalang Regency, and Banyumas Regency.

Also present at the meeting the Ministers Special Staff Hendri and Neil Iskandar, Minister Expert Staff Sonny W. Manalu, Director General of Social Rehabilitation Edi Suharto, Director General of Social Empowerment Pepen Nazarudin, Director General of Poor Handling Andi Z.A. Zulung, Inspector General Dadang Iskandar. Head of Education, Research And Social Counseling Agency Harry Soeratin, representative of the World Bank, the State Association Bank (Himbara), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Acting Head of the Public Relations Bureau of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs

Sonny W Manalu

Writer :
Koesworo Setiawan
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana/Aryokta Ismawan

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