MoSA Allows Regional Government Propose Candidate for Social Aid

MoSA Allows Regional Government Propose Candidate for Social Aid
JAKARTA (April 29, 2020) - The Ministry of Social Affairs gives regional governments the flexibility to propose recipients of COVID-19 social assistance. Regional governments are invited to distribute social assistance to recipients outside the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs.
"So, the procedure is actually not difficult. the recipients not only from our DTKS so it can be adjusted to regional needs.” said Social Minister Juliari P. Batubara in Jakarta, Wednesday (29/04).
The Ministry of Social Affairs has made it easy for regional heads, to use the data of poor citizens in DTKS who have not received assistance either from Deciles; 1, 2, 3, 4 and non deciles.
The Minister added, before the process of distribution, there had been talks through a video conference with regional heads, both governors, regents and mayors throughout Indonesia. At that time, the Minister of Social Affairs accommodates the aspirations from below (the regions), to convey the proposal for social assistance recipients.
"To the heads of regions, we are invited to propose data for social assistance recipients according to the allocation ceiling in each region while still referring to the applicable regulations," said the Minister.
Therefore, if the DTKS does not match the data in the regions, the regional government can make improvements. Conversely, if there are recipients of assistance not listed on the DTKS, then it can be proposed to be included in the DTKS.
On a different occasion, Secretary General Hartono Laras stated, the Ministry of Social Affairs had issued various implementation instructions so that the regional government had discretion in proposing recipients of social assistance.
As a letter from the Director General of Poverty Handling Number: 1432 dated April 17, 2020, concerning the Allocation of Direct Cash Assistance Recipients. In this letter, among other things, it was stated that the proposed prospective Direct Cash Assistance Recipients from Non-DTKS were families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic who were deemed worthy of assistance with complete data (BNBA, National Identity Number, and Mobile Phone Number).
"The regional government can also use the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) circular as a reference to propose recipients of social assistance outside the DTKS," said the Secretary General.
The intended letter is the KPK Circular Letter No. 11 of 2020 concerning the Use of Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) and non-DTKS data in the Provision of Social Assistance to the Community, dated 21 April 2020.
"The KPK Circular Letter allows distribution of social assistance in the form of money or goods, as well as other forms, for the poor who are outside DTKS," said the Secretary General.
The concern of the Ministry of Social Affairs, he said, should not be State Budget based social assistance from various ministries / agencies, piled up to one or several beneficiaries. For social assistance from the regional budget depends on the region policy.
"So, the region does not need to hesitate or worry. Because the social assistance from the region is from the regional budget. Please, determine who will receive social assistance in the area, "he said.
The important thing is to immediately propose the names of recipients of social assistance to regions that are still not proposing, so that social assistance can be quickly distributed to those in need.
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Ministry of Social Affairs

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