BBRSPDF "Prof. Dr. Soeharso" Realizing Edi Saputra's Dream

BBRSPDF "Prof. Dr. Soeharso" Realizing Edi Saputra's Dream
Writer :
Vita Kuswarini
Editor :
Ikhwan; Intan Qonita N
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Intan Qonita N

Edi Saputro, a 21-year-old young man from Trenggalek, East Java. In his daily life, he is able to make the atmosphere of the Putra Dormitory in the Center for Social Rehabilitation of Persons with Physical Disabilities (BBRSPDF) "Prof. Dr. Soeharso" Surakarta become lively because of his babble. Even though his friends say that the way he walks is like a duck, Edi still laughs cheerfully.

Born with physical imperfections, Edi has CP Spastic with Hip, Knee, Ankle Bilateral contractures, according to the doctor's diagnosis. It means that there is stiffness in his hip joint, knee joint, right and left ankle. As a result, Edi was very difficult to walk, sit, cross-legged and squat.

When sitting, Eddie can not linger because the back will feel pain. Moreover, cross-legged, sitting position can only be done by holding on both knees that cannot be bent and cannot be straightened. The most excruciating thing in his whole life was during defecation because Eddie could not squat at all. So, Edi tried to rely on both hands when he does defecation. For this reason, Edi can only dream to do crouch.

Upon Edi's complaint, the orthopedic consultant doctor conducted an intensive examination. Finally it is recommended for Hip Bil, Knee / Ankle Sin Release surgery.

The medical case experienced by Edi Saputra, based on the recommendation of the orthopedic expert, was further proposed to be discussed in a case conference forum whose team consisted of various professions at BBRSPDF "Prof. Dr. Soeharso", where the CC team decided Edi to get a medical program through physical therapy and for the operation of surgery, they were referred to Surakarta Orthopedic Hospital (RSOP) Surakarta as a BBRSPDF partner. The operation was carried out on July 25, 2019.

Post-operation, a series of physical therapy programs for Edi Saputra were carried out at the Balai through the Revalidation Treatment Installation (IPR). From the results of the operation, Edi's left leg was casted and for two weeks had a bed rest so that to do Activity Daily Living (ADL) someone had to assist him and while using a wheelchair for his mobility.

Even though the cast was attached to his feet for three months, Edi remained enthusiastic and cheerful through his daily activities for the sake of a dream to "crouch". In fact, Edi continued to take part in livelihood therapy in the electrification sector according to his choice based on his talent and interests. Psychological mental therapy is still followed through music, religious and scouting activities.

What deserves thumbs up is Edi always follows a series of physical therapies with enthusiasm and discipline that grows from himself. Because after the cast on his legs were opened, for maximum results Edi routinely had to undergo physiotherapy in the form of balance training, sit, stretching. pedestal training, which the next movement coordination exercise is gradually being trained to walk using mobility aids such as a walker to get out of the wheelchair.

Medical treatment is still carried out by general practitioners and nurses at IPR under the supervision of an orthopedist as a consultant. In order to strengthen his psychological mentality, Edi was also accompanied by a Social Worker Functional as a surrogate parent.

Assistance from various professions in BBRSPDF included family support and strong motivation for Edi. These things are certainly very helpful in accelerating postoperative recovery and produce maximum results from the stages of physical therapy that must be undertaken.

Now, after waiting in a long wait for 21 years. Edi Saputra is more cheerful because he can walk without tools, because he can sit cross-legged while participating in spiritual activities at the Mosque. What is very happy now is that his dream has come true because he has been able to defecate comfortably and has been able to use a squat toilet.

It remains true that happiness is so simple if we are grateful with what we have.
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