Bogor People Were Very Grateful To Receive Social Assistance

  • Bogor People Were Very Grateful To Receive Social Assistance
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BOGOR (May 19, 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs continues to distribute basic social assistance to people affected by COVID-19 in ordet to meet their daily needs and maintain community productivity.

Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto distributed 170 packages of basic food assistance at two locations, namely Bojong Kulur village as many as 120 packages and Ciangsana Village as many as 50 packages.

"In line with President and the Minister of Social Affairs’ instruction, that we need to provide social assistance, especially citizens who are affected by COVID-19. We are trying to reach various groups of people who need help, for example informal sector workers who lose their jobs in order to meet their economic needs, "said Edi Suharto when meeting with residents in Ciangsana Village.

The extraordinary socio-economic impact felt by all elements of society is a challenge for the government to solve existing problems. Some people may feel difficult to live their life in this kind of situation.

Mr. Ardiansyah, one of the beneficiaries in RT 2 RW 9, Bojong Kulur village, said that his job as a trader became more difficult when there is COVID-19 and now had to chop some woods to fulfill their daily needs. He also helped by his wife who used to peel onions, but now the demand of the market was decreased.

"Thank you to Mr. President and Minister of Social Affairs for the basic food assistance that has been given to me, it is very useful for my family," said Ms. Senah who need to work odd jobs every day like herding goats while taking care of her father who is not working and staying at home.

The process of distributing groceries is assisted by the social pillars of the District Social Welfare Workers (TKSK) which are delivered directly to the beneficiaries’ home, so there will be no crowds.

Director General of Social Empowerment hopes that the basic needs of social assistance can help community productivity during the outbreak of COVID-19. This social assistance is also expected to be able to meet the daily food needs of residents who cannot go out to make a living.

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OHH Dayasos
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Intan Qonita N
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