BRSAMPK "Alyatama" Response Cases of Drug Abuse in Children

BRSAMPK "Alyatama" Response Cases of Drug Abuse in Children
Writer :
Humas BRSAMPK "Alyatama" Jambi
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

KERINCI (September 17, 2019) - The Social Rehabilitation Center for Childreen Needing Special Protection (BRSAMPK) "Alyatama" in Jambi carried out the response to the case of Child Victims of Psychotropic Narcotics Abuse and Other Addictive Substances (NAPZA) in Kayu Aro, Kerinci. Head of Section for Social Assessment and Advocacy, Lifyarman and Balai Social Workers, Sarah went to her children and family, Village Government Officials and Kerinci District Social Office for assessing and identifying children's problems.

OP (13 years old) often mingles with older people, which makes it easily influenced to abuse drugs. Low parental supervision is the cause. Children also have a severe level of addiction to smoking. As a result of addiction, the physical condition of many children have a disorder and medical treatment is needed to treat their addiction.

In this case response activity, the team tried to synergize several parties in the location to be able to jointly solve the child's problems. Parent education is needed regarding parenting, increasing community supervision of the activities of children and adolescents in the area, and village government officials who will take care of the child's BPJS and Social Service Parties that will make a referral to the change in the child's general BPJS into a Healthy Indonesia Card.

Follow-up to the response of this case, the BRSAMPK "Alyatama" in Jambi awaited the results of the children's health check because the child needed to be cut off first on his dependence on drugs.
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