BRSAMPK "Rumbai" Performs Pancasila Sanctity Day

  • BRSAMPK "Rumbai" Performs Pancasila Sanctity Day
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Writer :
Humas BRSAMPK "Pekanbaru"
Editor :
Tutik Inayati
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

PEKANBARU (October 1, 2019) - The Social Rehabilitation Center for Children Needing Special Protection (BRSAMPK) "Rumbai" Pekanbaru conducts a ceremony to commemorate the Pancasila Sanctity Day in the Balai field.

M. Toher, Head of the Social Rehabilitation Services Section, was appointed as the ceremonial supervisor. The ceremony was attended by all ASN, PPNPN, Riau University and Riau State Islamic University internship students, as well as recipients of the "Rumbai" BRSAMPK service.

It is hoped that through the commemoration of the Pancasila Sanctity Day, a sense of nationalism and patriotism will foster for each individual.

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