BRSAMPK "Toddopuli" Invites Benefit Recipients Aspiring Their Dreams

BRSAMPK "Toddopuli" Invites Benefit Recipients Aspiring Their Dreams
Writer :
Humas BRSAMPK "Toddopuli" Makasar
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

MAKASSAR (September 19, 2019) - Head of the Children's Social Rehabilitation Center Needs Special Protection (BRSAMPK) "Toddopuli" Makassar Christina Junus welcomed the Dream Building activities given by Abu Hanifah as an ISO Learning Center of Management Consultant. This activity was carried out in the BRSAMPK Hall "Toddopuli" Makassar by involving the Service Recipients.

Christiana Junus hopes that after participating in this service recipients can open their minds to change for the better and be successful later.

The method provided is the Quantum Learning model, where participants are invited to discuss and intersperse with games and motivations. Service recipients also enjoy these activities while trying to record and hang ideals as high as possible.

Meanwhile, according to Abu Hanifah, Dream Building activities aim to provide motivation and invite service recipients to design their dreams going forward.

"The recipients of services are expected to have the desire to change for the better," Abu said.
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