BRSKPN "Insyaf" Conducts Information on the Prevention and Dangers of Drug Abuse

BRSKPN "Insyaf" Conducts Information on the Prevention and Dangers of Drug Abuse

MEDANG DERAS (8 November 2019) - The Social Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Drug Abuse (BRSKPN) "Insyaf" in Medan never stops and continues to struggle to carry out communication, information and education to increase knowledge and understanding in controlling themselves from drug abuse. Precisely Friday, at (11/8/2019) at 09.00 - 12.00 WIB, at the Pakam Raya Village Hall, Medang Deras, Batubara, counseling on the prevention and dangers of drug abuse was held.

The Head of the Social Assessment and Advocacy Section of BRSKPN "Insyaf" Medan Experienced Surbakti in his remarks said, "We will continue to carry out this activity to the public, especially students so that their knowledge and understanding of Drugs will increase. I hope that students can take this activity seriously so that later to be able to help and play an active role in efforts to prevent drug abuse. "

Ignorance and lack of understanding can be the cause of drug abuse among students. Knowledge and understanding are the foundations for the development of a person's attitude and way of thinking, especially in adolescence. Therefore, the first step that can be taken to prevent drug abuse among students is to develop a coaching program that can help students know and understand various aspects related to the existence, distribution, use, types, impacts and consequences of drug abuse.

Resource persons for the extension activity were AKP Arianto, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit at Medang Deras Police, and Ayub Vadlin the Addiction Counselor. The material presented at this counseling event included understanding of the law on drug abuse, the types and dangers of drugs, and psychosocial therapy to strengthen student commitment to excel in school and not become victims of drug abuse.

This activity was attended by 40 students from Karya Bakti High School and MTS Al Wasliyah. The implementation of this activity is an effort to create a Drug-Free Prosperous Village which is coordinated by the Pakam Raya Village Anti-Drug Task Force.

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Humas BRSKPN "Insyaf" Medan
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Annisa YH
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Yusa Maliki; Karlina Irsalyana

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