BRSKPN "Insyaf" Gives Millennial Youth Business Training

BRSKPN "Insyaf" Gives Millennial Youth Business Training
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BRSKPN "Insyaf" Medan
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Intan Qonita N
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Aryokta Ismawan

LAU BAKERI (September 23, 2019) - Social Rehabilitation of Drug Abuse Victims Center (BRSKPN) Medan "Insyaf" provides entrepreneurial training to service recipients. The training with the theme "Millennial Youth Enterprises" was held for three days from 23-25 ​​September 2019 and was attended by 35 service recipients who were still following the recovery program.

This activity includes livelihood therapy. The aim is to make recipients of drug abuse victims have a strategy to develop social functioning, can survive in life, so they have a responsibility to the community environment.

"The implementation of this training is to increase the skills of the beneficiaries to be able to be independent, entrepreneurial and even become an entrepreneur (entrepreneur) after completing the advanced social rehabilitation process in this hall," said Ninik Khotijha as the Head of Social Rehabilitation Services.

Furthermore, Ninik hopes that service recipients can be serious and focused in receiving materials and practices delivered by the speakers,

"Use this opportunity as well as possible to increase knowledge and insight on how to become an entrepreneur," Ninik said.

The training which was held for three days presented professional resource persons engaged in the coffee and YouTube business.

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