BRSKPN "Satria" Baturraden Commemorates Pancasila Sanctity Day

BRSKPN "Satria" Baturraden Commemorates Pancasila Sanctity Day
Writer :
Humas BRSKPN "Satria" Baturraden
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

BATURRADEN (October 1, 2019) - Institute for Social Rehabilitation of Victims of Drug Abuse (BRSKPN) "Satria" Baturraden conducts the Pancasila Worship Day Commemoration Ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by all employees, both ASN and non-ASN, as well as service recipients. As a ceremony organizer, the Head of the Social Rehabilitation Services Section, Hendra Permana, as the Acting Officer. The Head of the Republic of Indonesia read out the Pledge signed by the Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament.

On this occasion, Hendra said that there was no other ideology that developed in the State of Indonesia other than Pancasila.

"Several times there has been a breakdown that has the potential to divide our country, but our ideology is still Pancasila," concluded Hendra.

This is in line with the theme of commemoration of the 2019 Pancasila Magical Day namely "Pancasila as the Basis for Strengthening the Nation's Character Towards Advanced and Happy Indonesia".

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