BRSODHIV "Wasana Bahagia'' Increase HR Capacity

BRSODHIV "Wasana Bahagia'' Increase HR Capacity
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BRSODH "Wasana Bahagia" Ternate
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Annisa YH
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Intan Qonita N

TERNATE (September 17, 2019) - In an effort to accelerate the implementation of the Persons with Social Deviance (NP TS) and Victims of Human Trafifcking (NP KPO) of Progres 5.0, the Social Rehabilitation Center for People with HIV (BRSODHIV) "Wasana Bahagia" organized capacity building for the Balai staff in implementing Case Response and Case Management. Activities were carried out in the hall meeting room and attended by 31 empoloyees of BRSODHIV "Wasana Bahagia" Ternate. As the guest speaker in this activity was Lecturer of Social Welfare Polytechnic Bandung, Ayi Haryani.

In his remarks the Head of Balai, Udan Suheli emphasized that the Balai must be able to become a center of excellence through the implementation of the NP TS and KPO of Progres 5.0. "With all the complexity of the problems experienced by PLWHA, it becomes very important case response officers to be equipped with capabilities that are constantly updated," Udan continued.

In his presentation the speaker explained that when a PLWHA decided to participate in a social rehabilitation program, it was based on their  own wishes and needs after they went through a case response. "So there is no longer a pickup for recipient services," she said.

Case response is a series of activities in order to explore the problems and potential of PLWHA from various aspects to determine the type of service that suits their needs. The types of case responses carried out by BRSODHIV "Wasana Bahagia" Ternate included shelter, emergency (TRC) and outreach.
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