BRSPDF "Budi Perkasa" Join the Batik and Fabric Festival

  • BRSPDF "Budi Perkasa" Join the Batik and Fabric Festival
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Writer :
Humas BRSPDF "Budi Perkasa" Palembang
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Yusa Maliki; Karlina Irsalyana

PALEMBANG (October 25, 2019) - The Social Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Physical Disabilities (BRSPDF) "Budi Perkasa" Palembang had the opportunity to take part in the Batik and Typical Fabric Festival of South Sumatra by displaying the crafts of the beneficiaries through a three-day exhibition booth, 25- October 27, 2019 at PTC Mall M1 floor Ace Hardware.

The South Sumatra Batik and Fabric Festival was attended by 26 stands consisting of Batik Craftsmen and Regional Traditional Fabrics under the District / City Dekranasda in South Sumatra, Boutique SME Craftsmen, and High School / Vocational Students in Palembang City.

The event was opened by the wife of the Governor of South Sumatra who is also the Head of Dekranasda, Febrita Herman Deru, "We must proudly wear the typical fabric of South Sumatra and continue to try to develop it, so that it can be known both at home and abroad," She said.

After delivering his remarks and officially opening the Festival, Febrita reviewed the exhibition stands and bought several handicrafts on display.

The first day of the Festival was filled with talks and batik training which was attended by 50 participants and trained directly by Batik Designers from Palembang, Mgs.M.Brilliant Hidayah.

BRSPDF "Budi Perkasa" Palembang's participation in the exhibition was aimed at introducing the results of the beneficiary's craft, developing a partnership network with MSMEs in the city of Palembang, and as a form of BRSPDF's existence "Budi Perkasa" in the Palembang industrial arena.

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