BRSPDF "Wirajaya" Initiates the Inclusion Village Pilot Program

BRSPDF "Wirajaya" Initiates the Inclusion Village Pilot Program
Writer :
Humas BRSPDF "Wirajaya" Makasar
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
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Intan Qonita N

MAKASSAR (September 30, 2019) - The Social Disability Persons with Physical Disabilities (BRSPDF) "Wirajaya" Makassar in collaboration with the Indonesian Disability Movement for Equality (Perdik) in South Sulawesi initiated the Pilot Program for Inclusion Villages.

According to the plan, this program will be implemented in Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. The idea to pioneer the Inclusion Village was revealed during the work visit of Makassar's "Wirajaya" BRSPDF Head Syaiful Samad at the South Sulawesi Perdik office, where he was welcomed directly by South Sulawesi Perdik Director Rahman and also one of the founders of South Sulawesi Perdik Ishak Salim.

The meeting also discussed the planned implementation of the 4th National Inclusion Gathering event scheduled for 2020. Previously, South Sulawesi Perdik explained the concepts and various Perdik activities in encouraging the empowerment of persons with disabilities

"These activities include advocating for persons with disabilities dealing with law, developing literacy through librarianship, organizing people with disabilities in villages, and writing activities for persons with disabilities on the Perdik Blog," Rahman said.

Syaiful Samad said that he had high hopes for Perdik's strategic roles in encouraging capacity building and independence for people with disabilities.

"Mainly, in implementing psychosocial therapy, vocational therapy and mental therapy, and strengthening family support (Family Support)," said Syaiful.

Other things that were discussed at the event included the tasks and role of the Makassar "Wirajaya" BRSPDF in providing advanced social rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities. Likewise with regard to Social Assistance, Providing Technical Support, and Accessibility Support for persons with physical disabilities in 17 Provinces in the "Wirajaya" Makassar BRSPDF working area.

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