BRSPDSRW "Melati" Distributes Hearing Aids BanTu in Riau Province

  • BRSPDSRW "Melati" Distributes Hearing Aids BanTu in Riau Province
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Writer :
Humas Rehsos
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

PEKANBARU (September 18, 2019) - Hearing aids (ABD) is a major need to help reduce barriers to hearing impaired persons with hearing impaired sensory disabilities (PDSRW). This is also an effort to facilitate PDSRW to gain access to the fulfillment of their rights so that they can participate fully and gain equality in community life.

This was revealed by the Head of Jakarta's Melati Speech (BRSPDSRW) "Melati" Sensory Disability Social Rehabilitation Center in the distribution of the ABD BanTu (Aimed Aid) in Riau Province. "Giving and Provision of ABD for PDSRW must be in accordance with the standards and needs, so that in its implementation we cooperate with parties who are competent in their fields," said Pujiyanto.

As many as 65 PDSRWs received assistance aimed at hearing aids that were carried out in collaboration with the Riau Provincial Office and several Regency / City Social Offices in Riau Province. The distribution of ABD assistance is carried out through several stages in accordance with service standards through the stages of hearing examination, otoscopy, fitting to education and after care socialization.

This activity was carried out for four days, 17-20 September 2019, which took place in the Pekanbaru Social Service Hall. Also present was the Secretary of the Riau Provincial Social Service, Suratno, who immediately expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Ministry of Social Affairs for the ABD assistance program in Riau Province.
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