BST Fulfills Daily Needs of Angkot Drivers and Coffee Sellers

  • BST Fulfills Daily Needs of Angkot Drivers and Coffee Sellers
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BEKASI (May 28, 2020) - A public transportation driver and coffee street seller was very happy while receiving cash social assistance (BST) from the Government. They explained that they will use it for buying their daily needs.

Since there is COVID-19, many daily workers have felt an extraordinary economic impact. Most of them whose income decrease dramatically included public transportation drivers and coffee street sellers. As felt by Mr. Nala (Angkot Driver) and Mrs. Eza (Coffee Seller) who worked hard to make a living for their family's living needs.

With BST, they find it very helpful to buy their daily needs.

"I thank to the President, his assistance is very useful, and I will use it to buy my daily needs," said Nala.

As the President's instruction to accelerate the distribution of Social Assistance for underprivileged and affected communities of COVID-19, Ministry of Social Affairs is targeting BST for Bekasi District cab be received by the recipients immediately. BST nominal received is Rp. 600,000.- / KK.

Another beneficiary, Ms. Eza, who has three children, was very happy because she received help from the government.

"Now I can't sell coffee because of COVID-19. I sell coffee everyday with my husband to earn money and make a living for my family. I am very happy getting this social assistance, I will buy my daily needs at home," Eza said

Today (28/05), Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto directly observed the process of BST distribution, which was carried out at Sukamahi Village Office, Central Cikarang, Bekasi Regency. Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs is distributing Social Cash Assistance for 9 million households which worth Rp. 600,000 / household / month for 3 months started from April, May, and June.

"Cash Social Assistance (BST) Recipients are people who are not the receiver of PKH and BPNT, and those who receive are COVID-19 affected families, such as those who are laid off and do not have any income for their families," added Edi Suharto.

As many as 34,970 households in Bekasi Regency received BST, and 525 of them were in Sukamahi Village, Cikarang Pusat District, Bekasi Regency.

In the distribution process, Ministry of Social Affairs collaborates with PT. Pos Indonesia in order to make it easier for recipients to take away their rights at the location closest to where they live.

During his visit, Director General of Social Empowerment was accompanied by Secretary of Directorate General of Social Empowerment, Director of Management of Social Assistance Funds (PSDBS), and the Director of Social Empowerment of Individual Family and Community Institutions (PSPKKM).

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