"Budi Luhur Center Provides Assistance for Troubled Migrant Workers from Malaysia

  • "Budi Luhur Center Provides Assistance for Troubled Migrant Workers from Malaysia
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BANJARBARU (30 June 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Budi Luhur Banjarbaru Center provides assistance to the Troubled Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMIB) who were repatriated from Malaysia.


In collaboration with the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) in the Banjarbaru area, a team from Budi Luhur Center, totaling 3 people, picked up and assisted to "US", a 31-year-old man from Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan Province.


At the arrival terminal of Syamsuddin Noor Airport Banjarmasin, "US" was immediately carried out an antigen swab test by the South Kalimantan Provincial Health Service officer to ensure he was free from Covid-19.


Furthermore, the Social Worker of Budi Luhur Center conducted an assessment of "US" regarding his repatriation from Malaysia.


From the results of the assessment, it is known that "US" admitted to working in Malaysia as a construction worker since 2015 using a Visit Visa. "US" was arrested by Malaysian Police for being considered an illegal immigrant without being equipped with valid documents and sentenced to 3 months. When he was arrested all the documents were taken along with 5000 Malaysian Ringgit or around 15 million Rupiah.


After serving a sentence of 40 days "US" was repatriated to Indonesia on June 24, 2021 and underwent quarantine at Wisma Atlit Jakarta for 5 days before being flown to Banjarmasin.


Next, "US" was taken to his house in the Subdistrict of Landasan Ulin, Banjarbaru City to meet his family.


Head of Budi Luhur Center Herry Pawoko explained that this mentoring activity was carried out as a form of service to the community. "What we did earlier was social assistance by Social Worker of Budi Luhur and we also conducted an assessment of the Migrant Workers," said Herry.


"US" was very happy when he was reunited with his family, although he still left sadness because his wife and children were still in Malaysia waiting to be returned to Indonesia.


"Thank you for taking me home, I hope I can quickly gather with my wife and children," said "US".


Also present in this mentoring activity was the South Kalimantan Provincial Social Service and the Banjarbaru City Social Service.

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Humas Balai Banjar Baru
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