"Budi Perkasa" BRSPDF Participate in "Oktob Art"

  • "Budi Perkasa" BRSPDF Participate in "Oktob Art"
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Writer :
Humas BRSPDF "Budi Perkasa" Palembang
Editor :
Tutik Inayati
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

PALEMBANG (October 19th , 2019) - The Service recipients of "Budi Perkasa" Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Physical Disabilities (BRSPDF) Palembang together with the Warno Warni Palembang community participated in the Oktob Art 2019 activity organized by The 101 Hotel Palembang. With the theme of Painting Batik Pattern, the activities that took place at The 101 Hotel invited the Warno Warni community to enliven the commemoration of Indonesian batik day.

"Budi Perkasa" BRSPDF Palembang itself joined Warno Warni community last September. A total of 3 (three) service recipients participated in this activity with other community members. In addition to commemorating batik day, this activity is expected to be able to hone talent and experience, as well as a place to socialize with the community.

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