Case Response Handling Must Be Comprehensive and Collaborative

Case Response Handling Must Be Comprehensive and Collaborative
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BEKASI (August 10, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities held a Capacity Building and Supervision of Social Rehabilitation Facilitators at the Santika Mega City Hotel, Bekasi, West Java.

Director General of Social Rehabilitation Pepen Nazaruddin, accompanied by the Secretary of the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation as well as Acting Director of Social Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities, Salahuddin Yahya, gave directions as well as officially opened the activity.

The activity was held from 10 to 13 August 2022 (4 days) which was attended by 174 offline participants and 468 online participants consisting of 139 Social Rehabilitation Companions, 35 Center Participants and Social Volunteers.

In his directive, the Director General of Social Rehabilitation said that he was happy to be present together to discuss social problems and their handling. "There is no institution or one person who is alone in serving and dealing with social problems but requires coordination and cooperation, collaboration and networking in solving social problems," said Pepen Nazaruddin.

"Social problems are complex so that social work is not a pure science but an applied science that requires other disciplines in handling social problems such as social work, psychology, psychiatry, medicine and others," said Pepen.

Some of the changes that are currently happening are related to the organizational structure at the Ministry of Social Affairs, there are 4 pillars in providing social services to those in need, whoever they need social services is served by these 4 pillars (Social Rehabilitation, Social Security, Social Protection, and Empowerment). Social.

"People who experience social problems but are still empowered or have certain abilities are provided with social empowerment services, as well as those who have social protection at the same time as when a natural disaster occurs, as well as those who need social rehabilitation or social security," explained Pepen.

Salahuddin as the person in charge of the activity said that the purpose of this activity is so that social rehabilitation assistants can carry out their duties optimally and comprehensively, especially with the change in multi-service policies, Social Rehabilitation assistants require skills and knowledge that are in accordance with service needs, especially in terms of conducting comprehensive assessments . This is necessary considering that each variety of persons with disabilities has different characteristics that require different handling. For example, People with Mental Disorders (ODGJ) certainly need needs assessments and the provision of services that are different from those with visually impaired persons. Communication with people with hearing and speech disabilities also requires special skills such as sign language in communicating," said Salahuddin

Furthermore, Salahuddin also said that in handling legal case responses in the field such as helping children with intellectual disabilities who were victims of rape, assistants must be able to provide assistance in all processes faced, whether in the legal process, health, psychology and others. Certainly, this process must be understood carefully so that the results of the assessment and intervention are appropriate and fast.

In addition, Salahuddin also hopes that Social Rehabilitation assistants can also be connected to the Command Center in handling case responses.

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