Collaboration between MoSA and IOM Indonesia in Developing a Technical Guidebook for Human Trafficking Victims

  • Collaboration between MoSA and IOM Indonesia in Developing a Technical Guidebook for Human Trafficking Victims
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Humas Ditjen Rehabilitasi Sosial
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Intan Qonita N
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Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (July 26, 2023) - The rise of cases of trafficking in persons in Indonesia has prompted the government to move quickly in eradicating the Crime of Trafficking in Persons (TPPO).  One way is through collaboration between the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) through the Directorate of Social Rehabilitation for Emergency and Disaster Victims (KBK) and IOM Indonesia in developing a technical guidebook for providing psychosocial support services for male victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a big task for MoSA starting from investigating cases to providing support for victims.  Currently, MoSA is preparing the best services for handling victims through Trauma Center Protection House (RPTC), Integrated Centers, and Centers, ranging from rehabilitation, welfare development, and psychology, to vocational, and entrepreneurship training.

Rachmat Koesnadi, Director of KBK representing MoSA revealed that the collaboration between IOM Indonesia and MoSA developed a Technical Guidebook in providing Psychosocial Support Services for male Victims of Trafficking in Persons (TPPO).  Hopefully that this Technical Guidebook can support Social Rehabilitation efforts that put forward the principles of human rights, victim protection, gender sensitivity, and non-stigmatization.

One of the survivors, Yusman, said that the ease of administration when wanting to work abroad is one of the things that should be suspected.

"At that time there was one of the mandatory administrations that had to be completed but was underestimated by the agent.  Not even if all the administration is complete, we can still go.  Making passports is also easy and relatively fast, only three days, "explained Yusman.

According to Rachmat, human trafficking is currently a big task and a challenge for MoSA, especially the Integrated Centers and Centers in providing professional services.

"This is a big task for MoSA to handle this case.  This is also a challenge for the Integrated Centers and Centers to be more professional in providing psychosocial support and social problems, including mental health and the economy," said Rachmat in the Talkshow session Public Discussion on Psychosocial Support Services for Male Victims of Human Trafficking Crimes held in Jakarta (26/7/2023).

Also attending the event were Jeffrey Labovitz, Chief of Mission IOM Indonesia, Ratna Susianawati, Daily Chairperson of the PPTPPO National Task Force, Deputy for the Protection of Women's Rights, Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia, and Puji Pujiono, Independent Indonesian Professional Social Worker (IPSPI).
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