Dangers of Drug Lurking, "Insyaf" BRSKPN Holds Counseling

  • Dangers of Drug Lurking, "Insyaf" BRSKPN Holds Counseling
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Writer :
Humas BRSKPN "Insyaf" Medan
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

BATUBARA (October 15th,  2019) - "Insyaf" Social Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Drug Abuse (BRSKPN) Medan and the Anti Narcotics Cadre of Pakam Raya Village held a counseling activity on prevention and danger of drug abuse to the community in Masjid Hamlet and Bunga Village Hamlet in Pakam Raya. The purpose of counseling activities is that youth and community leaders know that drug abuse is very dangerous and can damage the future and social order in the community.

Counseling of the dangers of drug abuse provides benefits for the community, especially for adolescents. "Youth and community leaders have a role in efforts to prevent and handle drug abuse issues, and are able to provide an understanding of the dangers of drug abuse. For this reason, we carry out this counseling," said Pengalamen Surbakti as Head of Section for Social Assessment and Advocacy in "Insyaf" BRSKPN Medan.

The speakers at the counseling activities were AKP Arianto, Criminal Investigation Unit Police Medang Deras, Yudha Oktaviansya, Addiction Counselor. The material presented to 90 participants in the outreach program included an understanding of drug abuse, types and dangers of drugs and testimony from a recovering drug addict who was able to develop social functioning in the community. Participants consisting of teenagers, youth, religious leaders and the local community were very enthusiastic in participating in this activity.

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