Director General of Social Empowerment Visits Madiun

  • Director General of Social Empowerment Visits Madiun
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MADIUN (January 15th, 2021) - Starting his visit, Edi Suharto visited Porang Social Forestry Business Group, which is managed and initiated by a successful scavenger named Paidi. The business run by Paidi brings prosperity to his family and the surrounding community. In running his business, Paidi empowers local residents to work on his porang plantation. Porang is a tuber plant that can be processed into cosmetics, food ingredients and other processed ingredients.

Edi Suharto and his entourage continued to inspect social services in Madiun City. Such as, to Puskesos-SLRT Merpati Peduli, Nambangan Lor Village and Madiun City Health Center-SLRT.

Puskesos - Madiun City SLRT was formed in 2017, under the name SLRT 3S (Sambat, Sambut, Sumbut) Madiun. The Secretariat of Puskesos - SLRT Madiun is actively providing services. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the most dominant complaints were related to social assistance and compensation for people who died because of Covid-19. The average Puskesmas-SLRT serves 20 complaints per day. Madiun City Puskesmas-SLRT has 55 Facilitators and 3 Supervisors in 27 villages.

Not only reviewing social services in Madiun City, Edi Suharto also visited Heroes Cemetery in Madiun, whose maintenance is managed by the Regional Government through Madiun City Social Office.

Director General of Social Empowerment together with the entourage continued the visit to Pesona culinary locations and Kampung Pesona community park which is managed by Karang Taruna Bima Sakti, Madiun Lor Village.

Pesona Madiun Lor MSMEs are able to increase the income of street vendors, who previously only sold in their homes. A clean, strategic, and free wifi place attracts people to visit and taste the food in there. Don't forget to keep implementing the Covid-19 health protocol.

The existence of Kampung Pesona as a resident park also brings an attraction to visit, play, and take pictures in unique spots inside. In addition, the existence of green open space also makes the environment more beautiful.

Also accompanying the visit were the Director of K2KRS, Director of PSPKKM, Head of Sub-Directorate of LPPK, and Head of OHH Dayasos.

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OHH Dayasos
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Karlina Irsalyana
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Fia Arista Dewi

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